Scalp micropigmentation for African-american men, now in Tijuana


Scalp micropigmentation for African-american men is posible!

Many clinics and technicians entered the market in recent years, but struggled to find a pigment for African American skin. Discoloration has been a major problem, with many clients noticing hues of blue just a few weeks after their procedure.

The scalp micro-pigmentation process is a little different in African American men, and anyone with a significantly dark skin tone. First, is in the size of the pigment deposits. Generally speaking, each dot needs to be slightly larger than that of caucasian men, because the natural hair of an African American male is thicker. Larger dots are therefore required to ensure an effective blend and natural appearance.

Next, is the style chosen. Men with darker skin tones are better suited to defined, modern styles. That’s not to say that black men can’t go for ultra-natural styles too, but African American guys are generally more likely to want a stylized appearance.

At Cosmed , we use carbon-base pigments that don’t turn into other colors, some made in the United States others imported from the UK, the best pigments in the market of Trico pigmentation and professional technique that delivers the best results.

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