Microblading Services in Tijuana

Microblading in Tijuana at Vida Wellness

Thick, full eyebrows are the latest trend in beauty, and women are seeking solutions  that are more permanent than makeup. Vida Wellness is now offering microblading in Tijuana from a top aesthetician at competitive pricing. VIDA WELLNESS AND BEAUTY is now offering Phibrows, the best option for semi-permanent eyebrow drawing. Phibrows is a new microblading technique that produces the most natural, attractive results. 

Your eyebrows as you never imagined

Tania Murrieta is our micro-pigmentation specialist and cosmetologist in VIDA Wellness and Beauty, she just came back from Mexico City where she took a deep capacitation from experts of the Phibrows Academy; here’s what she learnt:

P: Where does Phibrows come from and what does the treatment consist of?

T: Phibrows comes directly from Romania, it’s an academy that teaches a technique that gives a more natural appearance to your eyebrows, the threads are almost identical to your natural facial hair, offering the best quality of pigmentation as well. It also manages its own line of tools and pigmentation.

P: What are the benefits of microblading?

T: It highlights the natural beauty of your look and face. As the drawing technique is very fine, hair by hair, then we can get very attractive and long lasting results.

Another benefit is that the pigmentations we use are minerals, not oxides, they do not change to blue, green, red, etc. They might change their intensity as any pigment implant, but the color remains the same. Besides its application is less painful compared to other treatments and results are another level! It’s not only an ink mold anymore, it is a design hair by hair.

P: Does microblading require retouching?

T: A retouch is necessary after 8 months or even one and a half year, this consultation lasts less than the initial one.

P: What to expect during a consultation?

T: First we will find out if you are a candidate, if so the treatment lasts around 1 hour and a half. During the first pass a moderated little discomfort could be felt. Compared to a regular tattoo, the pain is minimal.

We will give you instructions to take good care of your eyebrows after the treatment, a 7 day wait should be observed to make extreme exercise, as well as avoiding dust and sun exposure. Not wearing eyebrow make-up is also recommended 14 days after the treatment.

P: How do I know if I’m a candidate for microblading?

T: If you are not pregnant, diabetic or have a condition on your skin or serious health issue. Nevertheless generally everybody is a candidate, a previous consultation must be done to each patient.

If you already have an eyebrow tattoo, first we will make an evaluation and a possible correction will be done, then we will apply the micro-blading. It’s also important to mention that minors are not allowed to have the treatment done.

If you are interested in having this treatment, in VIDA Wellness and Beauty we are ready to attend you. Please contact us (664) 608-6476  or Toll free from the US 1-619-610-1667. You can also visit us at www.vidawellnessandbeauty.com check all the treatments we offer to complete your visit.