The Truth About Weight Gain After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The decision to get Gastric Sleeve Surgery comes with a lot of hope for patients and what post-op life will be like.

As one of the safest a bariatric surgeries preferred by the expert medical team at VIDA Wellness and Beauty Center, the Gastric Sleeve allows patients to lose weight thanks to a smaller stomach and less Ghrelin production, the hunger-causing hormone.

It is a fact that after getting a Gastric Sleeve surgery, patients can expect to lose weight for up to 24 months. But beyond all of the success stories flooding the internet with bariatric patients who have lost up to 80% of their weight, it is easy to forget a hard topic: weight gain after a Gastric Sleeve.


Can you gain weight back after Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Is it possible to regain the weight after bariatric surgery? Yes. To better address this topic, we had a chat with some of our board certified bariatric surgeons.

“There are too many doctors who treat patients for their gastric sleeve procedure and never discuss the follow up, nor do they talk about the possibility of gaining weight back. I like to be upfront about it, and explain to my patients that it is possible to regain weight and then some after any bariatric surgery,” commented Dr. Alejandro Lopez, one of Mexico’s Top Bariatric Surgeons, and a VIDA doctor. “The good news is that if we work closely with the patient, explain them how the procedure helps them and what steps they can take to make the most out of it, we can prevent weight gain and set them up for a life full of healthy habits.”

Gaining weight after a Gastric Sleeve is possible…but preventable.

While patients can feel discouraged by this information, our expert surgeons assure us that gaining weight after gastric sleeve surgery is definitely not the norm. Particularly when you go to a surgeon who supports patients throughout their weightloss journey, even post-op.

“We get a lot of patients who haven’t thought about the possibility of gaining weight after having a Gastric Sleeve,” mentioned Dr. Oscar Lumban, a VIDA Bariatric surgeon with decades of surgical experience. “We always outline strategies for the patient on how to prevent that from happening. We are their support team after all. So whether they need extra help by seeing a nutritionist or just need to understand the procedure better, we are there for them.”

The first thing patients need to learn is the logic behind it. The stomach is an elastic muscle, and while a surgeon will remove a significant portion of it, this doesn’t change. Your new smaller stomach can stretch after a Gastric Sleeve because it retains those expansion and contraction capabilities, which allow food to flow through when you eat. When people constantly overeat, they constantly over stretch their stomach. “Think of a rubber band,”added Dr. Salvador Ramírez, voted Bariatric surgeon of excellence. “If you over stretch it too often or for too long, it will not shrink back to its original size. Here at VIDA we like to provide that visual example to help patients understand the importance of following a balanced diet, with adequate portions after their surgery.”

Simple steps to avoid re-gaining weight post Gastric Sleeve  

  • Remember that getting a Gastric Sleeve is only one part of your weight loss journey. Patients must make a lifelong commitment to changing their eating and exercising habits.
  • Tracking your food intake and discussing sustainable strategies with a nutritionist can set you up for success.
  • Set real goals and make yourself accountable. Take it step by step: one day at a time, one healthy meal at a time.
  • Gastric Sleeve means changing and adjusting: to a new body, with your loved ones and to your new dietary restrictions. Join a Gastric Sleeve support group to help you navigate these changes and keep the weight off.

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