Gastric Bypass vs Mini bypass: Which one is better?

Bariatric surgery offers patients the possibility to improve their lives in more ways than they can anticipate. At VIDA Wellness and Beauty Center we know that the journey to get to that *happy* place can be overwhelming at times. Should you get a Gastric Bypass or a Mini-Bypass? What about a Gastric Sleeve. In fact, what are the differences? Today we are going to discuss a question we hear often: what is the best bariatric procedure out there?

“The amount of questions, doubts, and choices that patients face before getting weight loss surgery can be intimidating for bariatric patients.” told us Dr. Lumban, laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon with more than 20 years of experience, and one of the proud members of VIDA Bariatrics.
“No patient has to go through their bariatric journey by themselves. Finding a surgeon who will support and guide you every step of the way will determine the procedure that will help you the most,” added bariatric surgeon of excellence, Dr. Salvador Ramírez.
“And it is not as simple as naming one best procedure. Patients’ health and safety come first,” concluded Dr. Alejandro López, endoscopic and bariatric surgeon who has helped hundreds of patients change their lives for the better.
Let’s start by talking about two procedures that up until recently, were the go-to choice for bariatric patients: the Gastric Bypass and the Mini Gastric Bypass.

The Gastric Bypass

A Gastric Bypass is a very popular choice in the United States as far as weight loss surgery goes. The Gastric Bypass surgery has two main steps. During a Gastric Bypass procedure, a bariatric surgeon will reduce the size of the functional part of your stomach. Your surgeon basically makes your stomach smaller, so, your food intake will be limited. The bypass portion of the operation happens when the surgeon connects your now smaller stomach to a section of your small intestine, bypassing a portion of your small intestine and the rest of your stomach. After the procedure, you can expect the Gastric Bypass to help you lose excess weight on three levels: on a restrictive, malabsorptive and metabolic component. In simpler terms: a Gastric Bypass restricts the amount of food you can consume, limits the amount of calories your body is able absorb and reduces the hunger-hormones production in your gut, making you feel satisfied faster. Decades ago, a Gastric Bypass was a risky procedure that involved painful healing and hours in the or. Medicine has evolved and getting a Gastric Bypass has become less invasive. Our Bariatric surgeons for their part, opt for the laparoscopic approach, the innovative technique that requires smaller incisions and is less invasive.

The Mini-Bypass
Less known than its “big brother”, the Mini-Bypass is another weight loss procedure that results in a smaller stomach pouch. Similar to a traditional Gastric Bypass, the Mini aides weight loss at a restrictive, malabsorptive and metabolic level. As its name suggests, the laparoscopic mini-bypass is safer and takes less operating time when compared to the traditional laparoscopic Gastric Bypass. Post-surgical weight loss results are similar to the traditional laparoscopic Gastric Bypass, but requiring as little as 4 small incisions, recovery can be faster and safer. The risk of complications during surgery are also lower during a Mini-Bypass when compared to a traditional Bypass.
After reading this you’re probably wondering why isn’t the Mini-Bypass more popular? Factors such as insurance restrictions and laparoscopic expertise and training have influenced this. Finding a bariatric surgeon familiar with the Mini-Bypass procedure can be a challenge for some patients. The good news is that the VIDA Bariatrics surgical team is highly experienced and trained in performing laparoscopic Mini-Bypass surgeries, so, you can rest assured you’ll receive the best care possible.

Have you considered a Gastric Sleeve instead?

Perhaps a Gastric Bypass is not for you! A third option that should definitely be on your radar is the Gastric Sleeve. With bariatric surgery advances, more patients are exploring their options beyond the Gastric Bypass. And while, for the right patient, a Gastric Bypass may be the best choice, physicians all over the world are encouraging their patients to consider the Gastric Sleeve as their weight-loss surgery. Why?
The Gastric Sleeve is far less invasive than either of the Gastric Bypass surgeries and has proven to be more effective. When you undergo this operation, the bariatric surgeon will remove a significant portion of your stomach, leaving a small stomach pouch. After surgery, your food intake is decreased and because the portion of the stomach that produces Ghrelin, the hormone that causes hunger, is also removed, you will naturally eat less. For patients with a very high BMI index, the Gastric Sleeve is often the safest option and the one that will help them achieve the greatest weight-loss.

Did we solve the question ‘Which is the best bariatric procedure’? Well, at VIDA we believe that what determines the best bariatric surgery is actually the surgeon. An honest, caring and experienced bariatric surgeon will guide you into choosing what is best for you. So, definitely start there: with a comprehensive evaluation with your bariatric surgeon. Our team of talented laparoscopic doctors will be more than honored in helping you with this first step.

“We pride ourselves in putting the patient first. Never jeopardizing their well-being,” concluded the staff at VIDA Bariatrics. Furthermore, we only work with board certified physicians, who are active members of bariatric and laparoscopic medical societies such as the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO) and the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

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