What is IV Therapy?

The body needs an adequate amount of vital minerals and фnutrients to function properly. Without a sufficient supply of essential minerals and nutrients, physiological functions do not work as effectively as they normally would, and the body is more susceptible to diseases and other illnesses. To help promote sound physiological function and protect the body’s immune system, VIDA Wellness and Beauty offers intravenous (IV) therapy, administered in our comfortable IV lounge.

What Is IV Therapy, Exactly?

With IV therapy, high doses of vitamins, minerals and amino acids are introduced directly into the bloodstream to promote health and bolster the body’s immunity and healing processes. Because the vitamin and nutrient cocktail is introduced directly into the bloodstream, it skips the digestive tract and goes right to work at the cellular level. Studies have shown that IV therapy can have an immediate positive effect on the body’s immune system and metabolism.

It is not always possible to eat the right foods during the hustle and bustle of daily life. Thankfully, IV therapy infuses your body with the exact vitamins and nutrients your body needs. In addition, unlike oral supplements, IV therapy delivers concentrated amounts of nutrients, without causing digestive discomfort or even illness. With IV therapy, you no longer have to count out your vitamins each night. IV vitamin therapy gives you the nutrients and energy you need for VIDA! — for LIFE!

Advantages of IV Therapy

IV therapy often provides patients with:

  • An energy boost
  • Improved immunity
  • Alleviation of “hangover” symptoms
  • Increased alkaline levels
  • Detoxification properties
  • A boost in libido
  • Increased athletic performance

Our VIDA IV therapist can personalize your IV cocktail to include the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that your body needs most, so you get the specific results you desire.

Take a look at our IV lounge and the amazing experience that awaits for you here at VIDA Clinic in Tijuana 

Nutrient Therapy Menu

Energy Boost: Supports adrenal gland function. Replenishes B vitamins that are depleted during times of stress, Provides essential amino acids that are the building blocks for energy production. Increases physical and mental energy and alertness.

Immune Booster. Provides defense at the cellular level against viral and bacterial infections. Helps the body recognize and respond properly to pathogens. Promotes optimal immune system function to prevent illness and reduces recovery time from illness.

Pre-Post Surgical. Many patients enter surgery in less than optimal nutritional condition. Optimizing nutrition or fluid balance before pre-surgery and After post-surgery improves patient comfort and increases his or her chances for faster and better recevey, less swelling and helps to alleviates many of the complications that occur in surgery such reducing nausea and vomiting. The goal is to optimize the healing process.

Support release of toxins from tissues, converting the acetaldehyde into acetic acid for appropriate elimination. Allows for proper removal of toxins through detoxification pathways in the liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract.

IV Prices

Service Price
POST-OP $150.00
NUTRI GLOW $150.00
NUTRI C $150.00
IRON BOOST (Biometry H, Consultation and application) $300.00

*Prices are in US dollars. *IV therapies subject to availability.

Who Can Benefit From IV Therapy?

Most people who participate in IV therapy typically fit one or more of the following criteria:

  • They seek to maintain or improve their current state of good health
  • They wish to prevent or minimize the effect of a cold, the flu or other viral illnesses
  • They are preparing for or recovering from a surgical procedure
  • They would like to improve their athletic performance
  • They would like to slow the effects of aging and the aging process
  • They would like to manage stress better as well as the effects that stress has on the body
  • They would like to enhance the appearance of their hair, nails and skin

Where do you fit in? You deserve good health. Make sure you are getting the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to achieve or maintain good health, with IV therapy.

What to Expect During IV Therapy

Before starting IV therapy, patients undergo a baseline blood test to ensure they can tolerate all vitamins and minerals. They will also meet with our wellness physician, so he can review the patient’s medical history and answer any questions. The physician also takes the patient’s vitals to determine the best course of IV treatment.

For patients who would like to integrate IV therapy into their personal wellness plan, an additional blood test is required to provide the patient with a complete nutritional analysis and to determine which toxins are present in the blood. The wellness physician uses this data to create an individual plan for IV therapy as well as any adjunct treatments that might benefit the patient.

The IV treatment is easy and safe. We use a very small “butterfly” needle, or a micro-catheter, to infuse the blood with the prescribed supplements.

The VIDA IV Lounge

Patients receive IV therapy in our relaxing IV lounge, where soothing music, computer access, a massage chair and current reading materials are available. The VIDA IV lounge is also home to an oxygen bar, where individuals can get a boost of the life-giving element, so they feel refreshed and revived. In addition, we offer booster shots in the IV lounge to support healthy immunity and optimize overall physiological function and performance.

IV Therapy in Tijuana IV Therapy in Tijuana

IV Lounge at VIDA Tijuana

Possible Side Effects

IV therapy is a minimally invasive treatment that is well tolerated by most people. There is a low risk of serious adverse side effects, which may include a slight aftertaste from the supplements shortly after the infusion. The patient’s urine may have a strong odor or dark color shortly after the treatment is completed. Some patients may experience a sensation of warmth and flushing or feel a cooling sensation as the IV is administered.

What Does the IV Cocktail Contain?

The IV solution used is based on the Myer’s Cocktail, invented by Dr. John Myers of Baltimore, Md. It contains: 5 ml of magnesium chloride hexahydrate (20%), 3 ml of calcium gluconate (10%), 1 ml of hydroxocobalamin (1,000 μ/ml), 1 ml of pyridoxine hydrochloride (100 mg/ml), 1 ml of dexpanthenol (250 mg/ml), 1 ml of B-complex 100 (containing 100 mg of thiamine HCl, 2 mg of riboflavin, 2 mg of pyridoxine HCl and 2 mg of panthenol), 100 mg of niacinamide, 2% benzyl alcohol, 5 ml of vitamin C (500 mg/ml) and 20 ml of sterile water.

Get the Nutrient Boost You Need

IV therapy is a helpful treatment that offers several health and wellness benefits. To schedule an appointment with a VIDA IV therapist and get the nutrient boost your body needs to perform optimally and help ward off sickness and disease, contact VIDA Wellness and Beauty by calling 1-619-738-2144 (toll free) now.