Contraceptive Methods

Every woman has a right to decide the number of pregnancies they have as well as when they want to become pregnant. Contraceptive methods help you exercise that right and give you the freedom to enjoy your sexuality without an unplanned pregnancy.

All of the birth control methods we offer, with the exception of tubal ligation, are reversible. This means that once you stop using it, your fertility will return and you can become pregnant (as long as there are no other underlying health conditions).

The majority of birth control methods have a direct effect on your menstrual cycle, which is why they can also be prescribed to treat any conditions related to your cycle.
Additionally, there is a birth control method that doesn’t influence your cycle because it’s hormone-free, the copper IUD.

IUD copper, silver or Mirena, or even Subdermals like Implanon, we can help you with placement, removal, or replacement.

All of the contraceptive methods we recommend have a 98 to 99% efficacy in preventing pregnancy when used right. In addition to that, we always recommend combining a birth control method with condoms because they are the only method that can provide protection against most STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

A lot of patients inquire about using the morning after pill as a contraceptive method. We think it’s very important that patients know this is not the best method, particularly because it’s efficiency in the best of cases is of 75%. This means that it will most likely fail 1 out of 4 times.

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