Amazingly Affordable World-Class Plastic Surgery & Non Invasive Procedures

Welcome to VIDA Wellness and Beauty, where we provide more than simply surgery — we provide comprehensive health, wellness and beauty experience. We are located in Tijuana, Mexico, just a short drive from neighboring San Diego, Calif. At VIDA, we are pleased to offer world-class surgical, medical, wellness and beauty care.

Some of our most popular services include:


At VIDA, our physicians, surgeons, wellness specialists and beauty experts take the team approach to patient care, working together to create a treatment plan for you, the patient, that is as unique as you are. We are dedicated to providing treatments that alleviate your specific health concerns, as well as providing preventative care that helps keep you healthy and optimizes your total health and wellness potential.

World-Class Care & Safety | Internationally Accredited Clinic in Tijuana

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Although the cost of our treatments is about 50 percent less than that of our competitors in the United States, the quality of our care meets — or exceeds — the quality of their care. In fact, individuals often travel from other countries, including the United States, to receive world-class treatment from VIDA Wellness and Beauty.

Our plastic surgeons and other physicians are board certified in their respective fields. Our surgical center was the first in Mexico to receive full international accreditation for our high safety and sanitation standards. Also, we use only the most advanced technology and techniques in all our treatments and procedures from breast reduction and liposuction to mommy makeovers.

Full Range of Treatment Options

In addition to being pleased with the high quality of our care, individuals who visit VIDA are also happy to discover that they do not need to go anywhere else to receive whatever medical, wellness or cosmetic service they seek. From plastic surgery and bariatric surgery to psychological and nutritional counseling to sophisticated cosmetic treatments, we offer almost any health, wellness or beauty service a patient could desire.

Personalized Patient Care Throughout Your Entire Journey

At VIDA, we pride ourselves in providing personalized care that exceeds our patients’ expectations. One way we do this is by offering a wide variety of treatments under one roof. Not only is this convenient for patients, but it allows our surgeons, physicians and wellness and beauty experts to collaborate about patient care. All our physicians work together to formulate highly personalized treatment plans for each patient. Doing so provides individuals with a holistic, integrated approach to patient care.

Another way we provide highly personalized patient care is by accompanying individuals through every step of their journey. From the moment they walk out of the Tijuana airport or into our front doors to their final postoperative follow-up appointment, we are there to guide them.

Stylish Recovery Boutique

Another reason individuals love receiving treatment at VIDA Wellness and Beauty is that both local and out-of-town surgical patients can recuperate in style and comfort in our recovery boutique. Our recovery boutique is furnished with the finest amenities, including a business center with free Internet access, a sleek dining room where delicious food is served, 24-hour nursing care, hospital beds, private bathrooms, high-definition televisions in every room, digital safes, air conditioning, a comfortable common area and more.

You Are Invited

We invite you to visit our full-service, internationally accredited medical and wellness facility to experience for yourself what makes VIDA Wellness and Beauty unique.

To schedule a consultation with a VIDA specialist to arrange your treatment and vacation opportunity, please contact VIDA Wellness and Beauty by calling 1-619-610-1667 (toll-free).