The Beginner’s Guide to Cool Shaping

Feeling lost in your quest for a slim body? You’re not alone! Ever tried exercising and dieting without getting the results you really want? Yes, it is frustrating! It is only human to feel tired of doing everything you can think of to get a flat stomach, no muffin top and toned thighs (we’re talking to you chub rub, no one wants you here!). But before you give up, let us introduce you to CoolShaping. We’ll say it like it is: it is indeed very very COOL.

CoolShaping is the very definition of ground-breaking technology: the best non-invasive body slimming solution available. And it works! It delivers real results, with no discomfort or down time: a painless way to say “see you never” to those stubborn pockets of fat.


What exactly is CoolShaping then? Sounds too cool to be true?

CoolShaping combines the technology of cryo, vacuum and LED light therapy in one ultra efficient system that can help you get rid of stubborn fat once and for all while boosting collagen production. During the treatment, cryo-energy is delivered to your body with vacuum and LED technologies, making it the most efficient cryolipolysis (fat freezing) system out there.  


CoolShaping is far superior than any other cryolipolisis treatment available because not only is fat tissue frozen down to 14 F but also LED light offers the added bonus of tightening the skin, resulting in a smoother appearance.

This is what happens when you get cool shaping, although you may not feel a thing: First, the applicator works its magic on the target (more like problem) area , once it is applied, fat cells in your body start to respond to cryo-crystallization. For the following 30 days, fat cells on the treated area reach biological death and are removed by your metabolism. After that, and for the next 90 days, fat cells will continue to be eliminated. Voilà!


What else do I need to know?

Most patients need 1 to 3 treatments to get jaw-dropping results. The best results are obtained when you get your treatments done every 4 to 6 weeks. And while each session lasts around 1 hour, you can go back to your life right after, your body will keep on getting rid of the unwanted fat for 90 days post-treatment and no pain, blood or bruising will be on your mind.

Always make sure you are suitable for getting CoolShaping by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Carlos Castañeda, our body contouring expert. CoolShaping is best advised for people with a BMI of 30 or lower who are trying to get rid of stubborn fat bulges. This treatment is not a weight-loss procedure nor is it a replacement for liposuction. However, Dr. Castañeda will be able to tell you when it is right for you and what to expect from it.

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Dr. Juan Sanchez

General Physician graduated from the Autonomous University of Baja California Professional license 5995873. He has experience monitoring post-surgical Bariatric and Plastic Surgery patients, and currently he specializes in coolshaping.