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In the United States, about 35 million men and about 21 million women suffer from hair loss. In Mexico alone, it is estimated that 13.5 million individuals suffer from hair loss. If you are one of the tens of millions of individuals around the world suffering from baldness or thinning hair, the hair restoration experts at VIDA Hair Center by Kaloni can help. Our medical team offers a range of hair restoration treatments to help you achieve a fuller head of hair.

Embrace a new chapter in your life with Vida Hair Center by Kaloni, your premier destination for combating hair loss with natural, lasting solutions.

The solution to your hair loss problems

Our technique will give you the most natural-looking results.

All the benefits, minimal pain

With VIDA, pain during the procedure is minimal due to the use of specialized micro-instruments for the extraction of follicles. Scars are barely visible because we don’t do any type of stitching.

Endorsed by satisfied patients

Thousands of patients around the world have obtained the results that they wanted thanks to VIDA. Not only did they get their hair back, but they also improved their quality of life.

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Micro Hair Transplantation (FUE Hair Transplant Procedure)

FUE hair transplant patients from all over the world travel to VIDA for micro hair transplantation, which is one of our specialties. We are one of only a few hair transplant experts in the country who offer this sophisticated micro hair transplantation technique. Our hair transplant physician has traveled all over the world to perfect the best hair transplant procedure for restoring a full head of hair.

With advanced micro hair transplantation, or follicular unit extraction (FUE) transplant, the VIDA hair transplant surgery specialist takes a follicular unit of hair from an area of the scalp that is resistant to balding. A follicular unit typically consists of a naturally occurring grouping of one to four hairs. With FUE hair transplants, he harvested follicular units are transplanted into the area of the scalp suffering from balding or thinning hair. Once the FUE hair transplant treatment area has healed, the transplanted hair will continue to grow.


Mesotherapy involves directing a specialized cocktail of certain vitamins and nutrients into the scalp region to improve blood circulation in the treatment area. Improved blood circulation has been shown to improve hair re-growth.

Mesotherapy also works to neutralize the effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a derivative of the male testosterone hormone. Under certain conditions, DHT essentially shrinks hair follicles, thereby making it impossible for healthy hair to survive. Thus, neutralizing the effects of DHT hormones also stimulates hair re-growth.

About five treatment sessions spaced apart over the course of four to six months are needed for the best possible results. Although Mesotherapy may be able to delay the need for hair transplantation, it works best when toxins are absent from the patient’s diet and the patient is exercising regularly.

Conventional Hair Transplant Surgery

The VIDA hair transplant experts offer conventional hair transplant treatment, also called follicular strip extraction. This method of hair transplant involves excising a strip from an area of the scalp that is resistant to balding. The donor strip is then transplanted into the balding scalp area, where it will continue to grow hair once the treatment area has healed.

Hair Restoration and Hair Transplants for Women

Our hair restoration treatments can also help women suffering from thinning hair or baldness. In addition, women who currently have a full head of hair but are noticing the first signs of hair loss or thinning as they get older can benefit from our hair-maintenance treatments, to help prevent hair loss. Women who are interested in pursuing hair restoration or hair-loss prevention treatment should schedule an appointment with our hair restoration specialist. He can examine the patient’s hair health by performing diagnostic testing, which includes conducting a microscopic exam and ordering lab work and results analysis, so he can customize an appropriate hair restoration or hair-loss prevention treatment to help the patient achieve or maintain a healthy head of lustrous hair.

Stop Hair Loss Today

If you are tired of watching your lost hair go down the drain, take action. By scheduling a consultation with one of our hair restoration experts, you can be on your way to stopping hair loss today. To schedule a personal consultation with a VIDA hair restoration specialist, contact us by calling 1-619-738-2144 (toll free) now.