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The bariatric specialists at VIDA Wellness and Beauty are compassionate physicians and skilled laparoscopic surgeons who are committed to helping individuals suffering from obesity lose the excess weight. Our bariatric surgeons realize that struggling with obesity is not only frustrating for patients, but it also increases their risk of suffering from various obesity-related health conditions, including type-2 diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure) cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, asthma, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, depression and others. Thankfully, experiencing successful weight loss with the help of bariatric surgery can help resolve obesity-related health concerns.


We Provide The Following Weight Loss Surgery Options

To help individuals suffering from obesity lose weight and transition to a healthier lifestyle, we offer:

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bariatric surgery in Mexico

We also realize the importance of having the proper support systems in place to help obese patients not only lose the excess weight but keep it off for the rest of their lives. With this in mind, we also offer nutrition counseling, mental health support and other tools to support a healthy lifestyle.

To schedule an appointment with a caring bariatric surgeon and learn more about our bariatric services — from weight loss surgery to psychological support — contact VIDA Wellness and Beauty by calling 1-619-313-6435(toll free).

*Bariatric surgery results may vary in every person. A nutritional program follows the bariatric surgery in order to achieve best results.

Tijuana Weight Loss Surgeon

See Why VIDA’s Doctors Are the Best Bariatric Surgeons in México

Dr Óscar Lumbán

  • Autonomous University of Baja California
  • Postgraduate
  • Surgical residence at specialty Hospital la Raza, Mexico City
  • Bariatric tutorial imparted by Dr. Lopez Corvala, Dr. Ponce De Leon Francisco Ortega


What is the Cost of Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana?

Good News: Gastric Sleeve Surgery Starts at $5,000 USD

VIDA’s transparent pricing for bariatric surgery in Tijuana includes:

– Surgeons Fees
– Anesthesiologist Fees and Anesthesia
– Lab Work
– Medicines during surgery and while being in site
– 2 nights stay, 1 in hospital area and 1 in Recovery Boutique
– Fluroscopy (X-Rays) post-operatory
– Ground transportation
– If necessary 1 night stay in Marriott 1 day before surgery

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*Restrictions may apply.

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