Lap Band Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

Do you struggle with obesity? Do you make healthy lifestyle choices, but are still not successful in your weight loss efforts? Perhaps you lost the surplus weight at one point but then regained it — plus some.

If you can relate to these struggles and have a body mass index of at least 40 (or less, if you also suffer from obesity-related health concerns, such type-2 diabetes), you might be an appropriate candidate for bariatric surgery. Specifically, you might benefit from having gastric banding surgery using the Lap Band.

At VIDA Wellness and Beauty, we realize that obesity is more than an aesthetic concern. True, losing excess weight with the help of Lap Band surgery will make you look fitter. However, it can also help resolve your obesity-related co-morbid health concerns, so you are healthier — and thus happier — overall.

How Lap Band Surgery Works

During gastric banding bariatric surgery, the surgeon places the silicone “Lap Band” around the upper section of the stomach, thereby creating a smaller stomach pouch. This limits the amount of food a person can eat. Over time, consuming smaller portions of food and fewer calories leads to weight loss.

The weight loss surgeon can adjust the size of the Lap Band by filling the hollow band with saline solution (i.e., sterile saltwater) to tighten it or by emptying the sterile saltwater from the band to loosen it. This allows the VIDA surgeon to adjust the Lap Band depending on each person’s unique anatomical and metabolic requirements.

The Lap Band procedure is reversible, whereas other bariatric surgery procedures are not. This means that the Tijuana weight loss surgeon can remove the Lap Band completely if an individual is suffering from undesirable side effects either from the surgery or the Lap Band device itself. The surgeon can also remove the band if the patient chooses to pursue an alternative type of bariatric surgery or decides to discontinue surgical weight loss techniques all together.

The Laparoscopic Lap Band Procedure

The bariatric surgeons at VIDA Wellness and Beauty prefer to use the laparoscopic approach to Lap Band surgery, whenever medically appropriate for the patient, because it is much less invasive than the conventional “open” approach, which calls for a single large incision instead of a few smaller ones.

To start laparoscopic gastric banding surgery, the surgeon makes several miniscule incisions, or “ports,” in the treatment area. He inserts the surgical instruments through these incisions. One of the surgical devices used is a long, thin device with a camera on the end of it (a laparoscope). The laparoscope transmits a video feed from inside the abdomen to a monitor in the operating room, so the surgeon can see how the surgery is progressing.

The VIDA bariatric surgeon inserts the unfilled Lap Band through a port, employing a long-shafted device to wrap the Lap Band around the upper part of the stomach. The surgeon later fills the silicone band with saline solution, using a fixed access port beneath the abdominal skin’s surface.

What to Expect After Lap Band Surgery

Bariatric surgery can be a positive, life-changing experience, but it is a serious surgical procedure that requires several weeks for recovery. You should plan to take one week off from work or your normal routine. You must adhere to certain dietary restrictions after surgery. This includes consuming only liquids immediately following surgery. You can gradually return to a diet of solid foods as you advance through the recovery process.

Weight Loss Is a Team Effort

Losing the excess weight and keeping it off over the long run is a lifelong commitment. It is also a team effort. The team at VIDA Wellness and Beauty is here to help you. We have nutrition counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists on staff to give you the health and wellness advice you need to maintain your weight loss over a lifetime. We also offer post-bariatric surgery and other cosmetic treatments to help you achieve the svelte figure and youthful appearance you deserve thanks to your hard work.

Why travel to Tijuana for Gastric Banding?

At Vida Hospital our bariatric surgeons are highly experienced and board-certified internationally. We are able to perform gastric banding in Tijuana at a fraction of the cost of what is charged in the United States. If you are unsure about traveling to us for a consultation, we offer virtual consultations, where we will be able to assess your candidacy for bariatric surgery and answer any questions you may have.

To schedule an appointment with a compassionate VIDA bariatric surgeon to establish your Lap Band candidacy, contact VIDA Wellness and Beauty by calling 1-619-313-6435(toll free).

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