Tummy Tuck in Tijuana

If you have recently lost a major amount of weight — whether following pregnancy, bariatric surgery or efforts to lead a healthier lifestyle — congratulations! Best Tummy Tuck SurgeonsUnfortunately, however, you may be disappointed to discover that losing a substantial amount of weight has not helped you achieve the ideal, svelte abdominal profile you desire. If this sounds familiar, you might be a good candidate for abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck surgery.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Benefits

Often, extreme fluctuations in weight can cause the skin to lose its elasticity. When this happens, the skin starts to sag, hanging off the body. Sagging skin can develop on any area of the body, but it is a common occurrence throughout the abdominal area.

In addition, pregnancy and other factors can greatly damage the abdominal muscles, sometimes causing them to separate. Excessively damaged or separated abdominal muscles cannot be firmed up or toned, no matter how many sit-ups you do. This is where tummy tuck surgery comes in.

By undergoing tummy tuck in Tijuana with VIDA Wellness and Beauty, you can achieve the tighter, toned abdominal contour you worked so hard to attain. We offer a team approach to aesthetic improvement and overall wellness that will help you improve both your figure and your quality of life overall.

How Tummy Tuck Surgery is Performed

Tummy tuck surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis, and we offer a recovery boutique for individuals or out-of-town patients who wish to recuperate in style at our comfortable facility. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, so patients do not feel a thing during surgery.

The surgeon first performs liposuction, if needed, to remove any residual fat from the abdomen. He then makes an incision that runs lengthwise across the lower abdomen, in the pubic area. Although the incision is significant, it is strategically placed in a location that can be easily concealed by the underwear or bathing suit line.

The board-certified plastic surgeon excises the excess abdominal skin before repairing the underlying musculature and other supporting tissues. To this end, he places permanent internal sutures throughout the abdominal wall, in a crisscross pattern. The corset-like pattern of the internal sutures holds the restored abdominal muscles in place, for a firmer contour overall.

Once the surgeon is satisfied with the new abdominal profile, he closes the incision with dissolvable stitches. Finally, he moves the belly button so it is in line with the tauter, flatter abdominal contour, using a second incision inconspicuously placed in the navel. The surgeon dresses the treatment area with soft bandages and an overlying compression garment that provides added tissue support and helps minimize swelling while the area heals. Also, a drain is often placed in the treatment area, allowing for a faster recovery period. It will be removed during a follow up appointment a few days after the procedure.

Mini Tummy Tuck Benefits

Patients whose excess skin is restricted to the area below the belly button (but who still have damaged abdominal muscles and poor skin tone) may be appropriate candidates for a modified abdominoplasty procedure often called “mini tummy tuck.” This approach focuses on removing excess skin from the lower abdomen as well as repairing the underlying tissue structures. The modified tummy tuck procedure typically yields a shorter incision and allows for a quicker recovery period.

Tummy Tuck Recovery

Following tummy tuck surgery, individuals need to take about two weeks off from their job and everyday routine. When recovering, patients, they need plenty of rest and should avoid strenuous activity, such as heavy lifting. That being said, postsurgical tummy tuck patients must take short walks around the house or recovery boutique every few hours as soon as they feel capable, to help minimize the risk of blood clots developing in the legs.

Abdominoplasty in TijuanaThe treatment area may be tender, sore, numb, swollen or bruised. These are normal symptoms that will improve with time. In the meantime, patients can take the prescribed pain medication as directed. The slimmer abdominal contour will be apparent immediately after surgery, but the full aesthetic benefits take about 12 weeks to become fully realized. This is how long it takes for any residual swelling to subside and for the body to heal.

How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost in Tijuana?

The average price of a tummy tuck in Tijuana (also known as abdominoplasty)  is $4,500 including operating expenses (surgeon fees, facilities) and anesthesia. The price is subject to change according to each personalized estimate. You can get a quote by having a free virtual consultation with one of the best tummy tuck surgeons in Tijuana.

Tone Your Tummy Today

You have worked hard to lose the excess weight, and now you deserve to achieve the toned tummy you desire. To schedule a personal consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons to learn more about undergoing tummy tuck surgery in the first AAAASF-accredited surgical facility in Mexico, contact VIDA Wellness and Beauty by calling 1-619-610-1667 (toll free) today.