*These are approximate prices including operating expenses and anesthesia and they are subject to change according personalized estimate.

The fact is that high price does NOT equal competence and neither does low price = incompetence. The biggest variable on price has to do with geographic location! Because we’re located in lovely Baja, California we’re able to provide the same level of excellence you’d find in La Jolla, Dallas, Miami or LA, but for as much as 57% less. (Average costs in *2012.)

Other costs associated to your surgery are: Facility fee, Anesthesia Fee, Medications, Surgical Garments, Medical Lab Tests


Surgery Average total Price
FACE AND NECK LIFT  $                             6,000.00
BROWLIFT  $                             3,000.00
BREASTLIFT OR REDUCTION  $                             3,800.00
BREAST AUGMENTATION (implantes incluidos)  $                             4,800.00
ABDOMINOPLASTY  $                             4,500.00
EXTENDED ABDOMINOPLASTY  $                             5,000.00
LOWER BODY LIFT  $                             5,600.00
BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT AND LIPOSUCTION  $                             4,500.00
ARMLIFT  $                             3,900.00
THIGHLIFT  $                             4,000.00
FACIAL FAT TRANSFER  $                             1,900.00
CALF AUGMENTATION  $                             3,700.00
RHINOPLASTY  $                             3,200.00
LABIOPLASTY AND VAGINOPLASTY  $                             2,500.00
EYELID SURGERY  $                             1,500.00