What is BodyTite?

Do you wish that you could modify or enhance a particular part of your body? We can sculpt your ideal shape, with results that look natural. BodyTite reduces fat while simultaneously tightening the skin.

Improve your contour and physique with BodyTite

  • BodyTite is one of the safest procedures available, many patients say that they feel it’s very tolerable and has a quick recovery time. BodyTite can be used on the chest, arms, stomach, knees, and thighs.
  • Bodytite is a new procedure for body contouring as well as a new form of removing fat deposits from your body. This procedure is a good method for when liposuction isn’t an option, such as when there is very little skin laxity.
  • BodyTite is a minimally invasive procedure for body contouring that uses radiofrequency assisted lipolysis.
  • BodyTite gets rid of the fat, without leaving any wrinkling or sagging skin with the use of radiofrequency.
  • Bodytite is a great solution for any individual that is looking to reduce fat without saggy, wrinkly skin. It can help improve skin laxity after weight loss or due to the normal aging process.

Still to this day, there isn’t a better non-invasive or minimally invasive treatment, that can address loose skin in the same way as a surgical procedure. BodyTite is an amazing machine, that has helped patients change their lives for the better. This new technology represents the future of body and face contouring, and it can help you achieve your body sculpting goals.

Many people find that once they achieve the slim, attractive body they want, it motivates them to adopt and keep new healthier habits.


Bodytite has many benefits which make it a popular procedure and alternative to other procedures that are more invasive and require additional recovery time. Bodytite is gaining quick popularity because of these benefits that can give patients their desired appearance.

Also, BodyTite has several advantages over more invasive procedures, which try to obtain the same results. Less bruising and pain, minimal downtime, many patients appreciate that it requires no general anesthesia as it’s an outpatient procedure.

  • Non-invasive, minimally invasive
  • Single treatment body contouring procedure
  • Powered by directional radiofrequency, bipolar (RF) energy.
  • Provides dramatic results, with no need for surgical procedures.
  • The recovery period is minimal and does not require an overnight stay.
  • Superior body contouring, delivering results that were previously only achievable through more extensive surgical procedures.

Who is a candidate for the treatment?

Anyone in good general health, that has good skin laxity and is within or close to their ideal body weight. If you want a sculpted, smooth, contoured, and balanced figure that restores your body image and your self-esteem. Having your ideal body as your goal can be very difficult, many people eat healthy, exercise, and take good care of their skin but they lack seeing the improvements in their appearance.

If you struggle with unwanted fat and loose skin that you can’t just seem to change on your own, we can enhance your appearance with BodyTite. We can help you achieve your ideal shape with the newest tool for body sculpting BodyTite and get results that look natural.

How is a BodyTite procedure performed?

Many of the aesthetic treatments can improve on only a few aspects of your appearance, for example, many contouring treatments do reduce the fat in your body but they don’t improve the appearance of your skin. BodyTite is different.

Some patients are afraid of getting large incisions that could lead to scarring. While some patients can’t take entire weeks off from their routine, to fully heal after the procedure. Fortunately, this is not the case with BodyTite.

In the first moments after the anesthesia has taken effect, the BodyTite machine will be inserted after a small incision has been made, once in the treatment area, a probe will be transmitting RF energy, while the other probe will be outside of your skin’s surface.

The doctor will move the applicator and RF energy will flow between the probes, liquifying cells using heat, and causing the collagen fibers in your skin to begin to contract and thus tighten the skin, while triggering a natural healing response that will boost your collagen production.

The RF energy that releases from the probes is focused only in the areas with fat liquefying and causing no hard to adjacent tissues. The liquefied fat is then suctioned out through the cannula, always maintaining control of the skin temperature to maximize safety.

Which areas can a BodyTite treat?

Using RF technology, with external and internal electrodes, creates a thermal profile that can be used in multiple areas where fat is present, such as abdominal fat, love handles, bat wings, fatty knees, thighs, bra line fat, and even the breasts can be lifted and tightened.

What can you expect from a BodyTite treatment?

There are proven results from scientific studies that show the treatment done with the BodyTite machine, can significantly improve the appearance of your skin. You can obtain various improvements in a single treatment session.

The RF waves generated through this procedure will boost your collagenous structure below your skin, minimizing wrinkling, sagging, or laxity on your skin. Patients experience after treatment a smoother, more toned appearance on any place where fat was removed.


You’ll be able to return to most of your activities, which don’t require much effort on your part. It’s recommended to wait four to six weeks before you continue with your more intense activities, such as running and weight lifting, or any other type of high-intensity activity.

The skin might be sensitive after the procedure, it’s advised to follow the directions that were given to you on how to take care of yourself following the treatment. Since it’s a minimally invasive procedure patients can go back home right after the procedure.

After your procedure, you can begin to see the results right away, your body will naturally dispose of the fat that was melted away in the treatment, so the improvements are going to be noticeable, with a significantly righter appearance and it continues to improve for the coming months.

Patients can usually resume their activities in a few days and can continue their workout routines in 2 weeks, after which results begin to show with the contour refining itself continuously for the following months.

Is BodyTite permanent?

While BodyTite does result in about a 25-45% contraction of soft tissue. If bodyweight is maintained within 5 to 10 pounds results can last for years to come. Making it so that your skin keeps its rejuvenated aspect for longer.

The results of BodyTite are long-lasting, the longevity and quality of the results depend on how you maintain your body following treatment by continuing with a healthy diet, doing your exercise route, keeping a stable weight, to prevent new deposits of fat.

Getting the slim appearance we want is easier said than done. Sometimes even with a proper diet and exercise, stubborn fat and loose skin can get in the way of your body goals. For this reason, BodyTite is such a sought-after procedure.

Why choose BodyTite?

Bodytite is an advanced body contouring procedure, it is for anyone who wants to avoid extensive surgery. There’s no need to feel like you are not your best self, this feeling can make you feel uncomfortable at the beach or in the gym.

There are various options that you can use to remove that unwanted fat or excess skin, but BodyTite is an innovative option with no damages to your body’s skin or surrounding the treatment area, as it provides striking results, with no significant downtime or discomfort.

With the ability to reduce fat without causing skin sagging, or a difficult recovery, delivering unparalleled results. You can stop concerning yourself with noticeable scars or incisions, improve your image, free yourself and be comfortable with your figure.