Are you a Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

What Are the Teeth Whitening Qualifications?

If you are considering or already enjoying a Mexican dental vacation; getting your teeth whitened is an exciting option to get a whiter and brighter smile and an integral part of a smile restoration. However, you may be wondering if there are certain teeth whitening qualifications or if you are an ideal candidate for this procedure. Our dental experts have the answers to all of your teeth-whitening questions.

How does Teeth Whitening Work?

To determine if you are the right candidate, it is a good idea to know what to expect from our signature teeth whitening system: Zoom!. During your appointment, you can lie back and relax while our special bleaching solution works its magic. The session takes around 45 minutes to one hour and you can get teeth up to eight shades whiter. The technology behind Zoom will lift stains and improve the overall color of your teeth. When performed by an expert, like Dr. Ceballos, your teeth whitening results can last for up to five years.

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Teeth Whitening Qualifications

Now that you understand the technology behind Zoom, keep reading to understand if you can, and should, get your teeth whitened.

Can I get my teeth whitened if I have cavities?

One of the most important teeth whitening qualifications is that people with untreated tooth decay or cavities should avoid teeth whitening. The bleaching agents in the whitening gel can cause extreme pain and even cause the nerve to die.

Can I get my teeth whitened if I have fillings?

Well… you can but maybe you shouldn’t. You should bear in mind that the bleaching agents are only effective in natural teeth, so your crowns and veneers will stay the same shade. If you are considering having your teeth whitened and you have veneers or crowns,you may have to consider changing them to match your new pearly whites.

Can I get my teeth whitened if I have sensitive teeth?

Yes, many people have the misconception that sensitive teeth and whitening actions are no match. However, that only applies to home-kits that tend to be more aggressive to the enamel than an in-office treatment. If you have sensitive teeth, you should have a consultation with a board-certified dentist, he will tell you the correct choice of treatment. Additionally, at a professional dental studio, experts can supervise the procedure to make sure they protect your teeth.

Can I get my teeth whitened while pregnant?

There is no proof that whitening agents can damage your or your baby. In fact, the American Dental Association stated that professional bleaching agents pose no significant, long-term or systemic health risks. However, you should consult with your dental professional. He will know if it’s best for you and your baby to have your teeth whitened or if you should wait just a little longer.

Enjoy a brighter smile with a painless and professional service. To schedule your teeth whitening appointment now, contact VIDA Wellness and Beauty by calling (619)738-2144 (toll-free).


Dr. Oscar Ceballos

Dr. Oscar Ceballos - is a Clinic and Cosmetic Dentist in VIDA Tijuana. Dr. Ceballos specializes in Dental Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry. Member of the Oral Implantology College of Baja California, Mexican Dental Asociation, and the Academy of General Dentistry. Participated in the first Dental Implant Study Group of Loma Linda University in California and is a medical researcher of the Bioquimic Department of the School of Medicine at the National University of Mexico (UNAM) and the Technological University of Mexico (UNITEC).