Freeze fat away once and for all with cryolipolysis!

We’ve all been there, no matter just good you behaved at dinner, how many ice creams you decided to skip and how many gym sessions you do; your summer body is still not ready. While it’s reassuring that many people are in the same situation, the ideal would be to have a tonified body and a quick way to lose excess fat. What if we told you that there is a scientifically proved method that targets fatty cells in a safe and effective way? Meet Coolsphaping, the cryolipolyisis technology that is here to change your life!



What is cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is en exciting, new fat removal technology that is noninvasive yet extra effective. Cryolipolysis works by, literally, freezing those stubborn fatty cells. The area to be treated will be exposed to cooling temperature during a specific time. For example, 12ºF for 45 minutes. After your session, the fatty cells will suffer from a localized cell death and will gradually disappear, resulting in a reduction of measures and size and a tonified body.


Are all cryolipolysis technologies the same?

Not really. While the technology may be similar the safety, quickness of results, and effectiveness is not the same. At VIDA, we work exclusively with CoolShaping, the FDA-approved technology that guarantees results in only three months. Besides, we work with board-certified cosmetic dermatologists to ensure the best results.


What can I expect during my CoolShaping session?

During your CoolShaping session, you will experience pressure in the area to be treated which will transform into a cooling sensation that disperses through your body. Most patients sit back and relax as the technology starts to tonify their body, some even take naps, watch a movie or go for an extra treatment like an IPL facial.

When can I expect results?

Coolshaping will get your body ready for summer! We are not going to lie, going to the gym somewhat frequently and having a healthy lifestyle will help, but the true magic of Coolshaping will be visible in 2 or 3 months after your session. You will notice a considerable reduction in size and a more tonified area. Bikini ready, anybody?

What are some of the benefits of Coolshaping?

The best thing about Coolshaping is the reduction in size in those pesky and troublesome areas. Think of it as a quick way to lose those extra pounds you have fought for so long! However, it is not the only thing! Coolshaping will promote the production of collagen making your skin look and feel smoother and more tonified. Additionally, since Coolshaping is a noninvasive treatment you won’t see any scaring, marks and there is little to no downtime. As a plus, Coolshaping is an economical and short treatment, so you can get the body of your dreams with only two or three sessions.


Ready to buy that bikini? Call us now and find out more about how Coolshaping can help you transform your body!

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