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Why You Might Need Labiaplasty

As time changes, our bodies change and adjust themselves to our activities and experiences. A common shift that is rarely discussed is the enlargement or change in the appearance of the vaginal tissue (Labiaplasty). Many women experience a degree of tissue laxity around their intimate area. To eliminate any uncomfortable moments, aesthetic gynecology offers both, surgical and non-invasive procedures to freshen the look and feel of a woman’s intimate area.

Why should I consider Aesthetic Gynecology?

Think of aesthetic gynecology as an empowerment tool. Vaginal cosmetic surgery and other aesthetic gynecology treatments will help you take control of many aspects of your daily life. From improving your sex life, by undergoing a clitoral hoodectomy, to going back to your favorite activities without the risk of any urinary incontinence, laser vaginal rejuvenation is proven to help. Consider aesthetic gynecology it truly is a door to a more confident and happy you.

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

After childbirth or as a part of the natural aging process, the vagina’s muscles and surrounding tissue can become loose or even have tears. This wear can result in uncomfortable intercourse or urinary leakage. While some patients are a little bit skeptic about aesthetic gynecology procedures, it is only because they are unsure about how vaginal rejuvenation works. Vaginal Rejuvenation is a vaginal cosmetic surgery aimed at helping women regain a youthful look and feel in their vaginal area. During the procedure, plastic surgeons tighten the outer and inner tissues of the vagina without disrupting the remaining tissues and natural anatomy of the vagina. The result? A more aesthetic intimate area with more flexibility and strength.

If you are not ready for vaginal cosmetic surgery but want the benefits of vaginal rejuvenation, consider Juliet, the feminine laser. This non-invasive procedure consists of introducing a hand-held device into the vagina. The device emits a powerful, yet harmless, laser that tightens the vaginal walls and restores the vagina’s primary metabolism. After one session, patients can expect a dramatic decrease in urinary leakage and improved vaginal sensitivity.

What is Labiaplasty?

While the shape and size of a woman’s labia is determined mainly by genetics, the natural aging process, childbirth, hormonal changes and fluctuations in weight, can also contribute to changes in the appearance of the labia. Although there is no “normal” or “standard” look for the vaginal lips, some women feel embarrassed about the appearance of their labia minora, or outer labia. Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery or Labiaplasty is a cosmetic procedure where a board-certified surgeon removes excess tissue from the labia minora to improve the look of a woman’s intimate area. Labiaplasty is not only useful as an aesthetic gynecology procedure, many women seek it as a way to eliminate physical pain or discomfort due to their enlarged labia.

How to recover from Vaginal Cosmetic surgery?

Following vaginal cosmetic surgery, patients take about three days off before returning to their routines. A good alternative is to recharge in VIDA’s Recovery Boutique, where an on-call doctor will make sure the healing process is going according to plan. Following the procedure, patients can expect some bruising, swelling or slight bleeding. To minimize the discomfort, patients should wear loose-fitting clothes and wear a sanitary napkin for around a week. Additionally, oral pain relievers and an ice-pack can come in handy to alleviate the symptoms. After only a month, the final results will be in place, and patients can go back to their normal activities with more confidence than ever!

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Dr. Javier Saldaña

Dr. Javier Saldaña is a board-certified OBGYN that practices at VIDA Clinic in Tijuana. He specializes in Vaginal Surgery, Laser Vaginal Surgery, Urinary Incontinence & more. He is certified by the Mexican Council of Gynecology & Obstetrics and The Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Insitute of America en Beverlyhills, Los Angeles, California.