Vaginoplasty in Mexico

What is a Vaginoplasty?

Also sometimes referred to as posterior colporrhaphy, vaginal rejuvenation surgery – vaginoplasty – is a procedure to tighten a vagina that’s become slack or loose from vaginal childbirth, aging or other reasons. A type of genitoplasty, it’s often performed by utilizing laser technology to merge the separated vaginal muscles and remove extra mucosa skin. 

What are Reasons to get a Vaginoplasty? 

Although sometimes performed on children to create or lengthen a vagina, one of the most common reasons women have a vaginoplasty is to repair stretching or widening of the vagina caused by childbirth. It typically results in a tighter vaginal canal, which can help enhance sexual satisfaction. 

In some cases, vaginal rejuvenation surgery is used to repair injury caused by trauma or complications from pelvic floor disease. Sometimes it’s necessary for restoring normal vaginal function in women who have had malignant growths or abscesses removed from the vaginal area. 

Benefits of vaginoplasty include enhanced sexual satisfaction and improved self-esteem. Some studies show that vaginal tightening procedures, including vaginoplasty, are associated with improved sexual function with low complication rates. 

Candidates for vaginal rejuvenation surgery include:

  • Individuals seeking repair of childbirth defects or trauma to improve sexual function
  • Women who need vaginal reconstruction after undergoing radiation or excision of the vagina to treat cancer or other conditions
  • Women born with congenital abnormalities (issues present from birth) affecting the development of the vagina

Is vaginoplasty the same as labiaplasty?

No. The purpose of a labiaplasty is to modify the labia’s inner and outer “lips.” However, this procedure can be performed with vaginal rejuvenation surgery. 

How long does vaginal rejuvenation surgery take? 

Most vaginoplasties take no more than two hours.

After having a vaginoplasty, how soon can I return to my normal activities? 

Individuals who have undergone vaginal rejuvenation should avoid strenuous activity for X weeks/months.

How long after having vaginal rejuvenation surgery can I have sex? 

We recommend not resuming sexual intercourse until X weeks/months post-procedure unless otherwise instructed. 

What are the risks of vaginoplasty? 

Some risks of vaginal rejuvenation surgery include: 

  • Infection
  • Permanent changes in sensation
  • Ongoing pain
  • Scarring 

Another complication that sometimes occurs after a vaginoplasty is vaginal stenosis, which is an abnormal vaginal canal obstruction due to scar tissue formation. It also can occur as a side effect of radiation treatment to the pelvis.


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