How Many Times a Year Should I Visit My Gynecologist?


Dr. Saldaña | Gynecologist 

While not a firm rule, it is suggested that a woman should visit a gynecologist at least once a year.

Throughout a woman’s life, a gynecologist’s visit is essential. From the beginning of monthly menstruation to learning about sexually transmitted diseases, contraceptives, motherhood, and menopause, a woman should see a gynecologist for answers, treatment, and guidance. 

At each gynecological visit, a woman can ask questions and receive answers or treatment that will affect her health. Queries range from vaginal infections, menstruation disorders, breast fibrosis, and surgeries to basic prevention measures like pap smears and breast tissue checks.

In an annual visit to the gynecologist, the doctor will perform a cervical cytology or pap smear. This procedure helps detect abnormalities within the female reproduction system, possible dysplasia associated with HPV, or cancer of the cervix or neck of the womb. In addition to this procedure, the doctor will also explain how to perform an at-home breast self-examination to detect breast cancer.

While annual gynecologist visits are standard, there are some exceptions to this rule and most are related to age and sexual maturity. If a healthy young woman has no active sexual life, then the annual visit may not be necessary. With a good health record, these visits can be extended to every 2 or 3 years. However, depending on a woman’s medical history and age, it may even be necessary to visit your gynecologist several times a year. 

No matter what age category you fall in, a gynecologist knows a lot about a woman’s health and will provide both support and guidance to keep you healthy. If you need help, treatment, or just someone to talk to about your current health, schedule your next gynecological check-up with us today.