Human Papillomavirus Vaccine

Thanks to vaccinations, we can prevent some of the most dangerous Human Papillomavirus, such as those related to uterine cancer or genital warts.

The vaccine against Human Papillomavirus is usually administered in 3 different doses.

  • On day 1, you receive the first dose
  • 2 months after the first shot, you receive a second dose
  • 4 months after the second shot, you receive the third dose

To sum it up, you’ll receive 3 shots in 6 months.

It’s important to mention that the vaccine can be administered to men and women and although there isn’t a specific age to receive it, it is recommended for patients older than 9 years old and ideally before they become sexually active. If the patient is already sexually active, in some cases, the vaccine can still be administered.

There are two vaccine brands, CERVARIX and GARDASIL. Both brands offer protection against the HPV viruses 16 and 18, those considered to be of the highest risk to develop uterine cancer.  Gardasil offers additional protection against viruses 6 and 11, which are of risk to develop genital warts.

The injection can be applied to the shoulder or the buttocks and is slightly uncomfortable, which is why we recommend patients take a couple of minutes after receiving it.

These are some of the most frequent questions:

At what age should I get vaccinated?
There is no specific age. The challenge is to apply the vaccination schedule before having the first sexual contact.

If I already start a sex life, can I get vaccinated?

Is it for women only?
No, the HPV vaccine is for men and women.

What’s the use of getting vaccinated?
If at any time you come into contact with some type of HPV for which you were vaccinated, you are unlikely not to get that infection.

What part of the body does the vaccine get on?
It can be put on the arm (deltoids) or can be put in the gluteal region (Buttock).

Is it painful?
Like any other injectable vaccine, what hurts is the needle picket.

Should I rest after the vaccine?
It is advisable to rest for a couple of minutes after the vaccine is applied.

If I’m a minor, can I be vaccinated?
Yes, but you’ll have to be accompanied by an adult responsible for you.

If I get the vaccine, do I no longer need to take Pap smears?
Pap smears will always be necessary because it’s a direct way to know how the cells in the cervix are doing.

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