Should I Get a Labiaplasty? 5 Reasons Why You Should.

It is common for women to be worried about the appearance of their genitalia,  therefore many gynecologists are often asked, “Is my vagina normal?” Although female genitalia comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, some women are displeased with the appearance of their labia. In some cases it comes down to more than an aesthetically pleasing labia, some large, or uneven labia can cause discomfort or pain, as well as self-confidence issues, all of which can have an impact on a woman’s quality of life. During childbirth, the labia can also be damaged, resulting in tearing, stretching, scarring, or gaps. The altered appearance of the labia can make a woman unhappy or self-conscious, which could have an impact on her intimate relationships. In some cases, aging can also alter the appearance of the labia, as it loses tone and elasticity and frequently expands in size.

labia surgery

What is labiaplasty?

A labiaplasty is a reconstructive surgery performed on the inner vaginal lips (labia minora) this procedure is performed by cutting the inner vaginal lips to reduce the size and make a more aesthetic appearance.  



Reduce Discomfort and Pain


The inner labia are sensitive skin that can easily become irritated by sexual activity and tight clothing.  Exercising, such as jogging or riding a bicycle, as well as other daily activities, can be uncomfortable since the exposed tissue is pushed, chafed, and pinched. Labiaplasty would then remove the excess skin, letting you resume your normal activities.

Increased Confidence

Labiaplasty recoveryA major concern among most women with oversized labia is that it negatively affects their self-esteem and confidence. Wearing bikinis, tight clothing, or being intimate with their partner can be excruciating for them because they are concerned about their appearance “down there.” Labiaplasty can alleviate self-consciousness and worry, allowing you to feel more confident in your appearance.

Comfort in Clothing

When you have oversized labia, it can be difficult to wear a bikini, tight leggings, or even snug-fitting pants. Whether they are uncomfortable or you are concerned about visible lines or bulges, a labiaplasty prevents those issues, allowing you to feel more comfortable, both physically and emotionally, regardless of what you choose to wear.

Increase Sexual Pleasure

The self-consciousness and discomfort about one’s appearance, like clothing, can affect your sexual pleasure. Consequently, many women with oversized vaginal lips feel pain and discomfort during sex as a result of tissue being dragged or caught. Correcting the tissue will prevent these problems as well as boost your sexual confidence, making sexual activity more enjoyable and comfortable. 


Improved Hygiene and Health

Excess tissue can also harbor bacteria and affect hygiene. Women with enlarged inner labia are more likely to develop dangerous and painful urinary tract infections. A labiaplasty can lower the risk of UTIs and other health issues.


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