What is the Human Growth Hormone?

What is HGH and How Will it Affect You?

As you age, your body slows down some internal processes or stops the production of certain hormones. One of the hormones in charge of keeping you young and energized is the Human Growth Hormone. Unfortunately, the body stops its production as you grow older. What happens as a result? An increase in weight and a loss of energy. The good news is, there are new, safe alternatives to allow you  to regain your stamina and energy!


Human Growth Hormone Facts

Let’s get real. To understand the human growth hormone benefits, you must understand what it is and how it helps your body in your everyday life. Human Growth Hormone – or HGH – is the hormone that stimulates growth, and cell reproduction and regeneration; it keeps you young and healthy. It is produced by the pituitary gland and it is present during childhood and adolescence. Additionally, it regulates bone growth, sugar and fat metabolism. As you age, the pituitary gland slows down the production of HGH, this results in low bone density, a perpetual tired state, loss of focus, and low energy levels.

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How to Reverse the Effects of HGH Loss

To counteract all the annoying effects of aging, a new cutting-edge technology has surfaced: bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Bioidentical hormones are specially formulated to match your natural hormonal molecular structure. This means that they are identical to the hormones naturally produced by the body. Since they are identical, the compounds are safe, pure and free from contamination and adverse side-effects. After a few months of treatment, you will enjoy the natural human growth hormone benefits.


How Do I Get Human Growth Hormone Therapy?

Bio-identical hormone therapy is a painless medical cosmetic treatment that will give you a safe and natural intake of human growth hormone. To really get the best results, you should have a one-on-one consultation with your physician. During this appointment, you can talk about your general health and the symptoms you may be experiencing. The next step is a non-invasive test that will determine your personal hormone structure. Once this is done, your doctor with a team of expert technicians will create a set of human growth hormones specially made for you. When your hormones are ready, your doctor will administer them for you via a shot.


What Are Some Human Growth Hormone Benefits

After getting your personalized hormones, you will start to enjoy all of the human growth hormone benefits as well as an overall improvement in your mood and stamina. 


Human Growth Hormone Benefits


  • Stronger Bones: Since the human growth hormone is in charge of bone density, the decrease of HGH can impede older people from forming or replacing old bone cells rapidly. A steady intake of HGH can lead to increased bone mass.
  • Weight Loss: With age comes an increase in weight and fat storage. HGH accelerates lipolysis, the process that breaks down lipids. This process uses stored energy during fasting or exercise. With a higher amount of HGH, patients tend to burn fat more easily.
  • Enhanced muscle strength: HGH helps to stimulate collagen synthesis. This process results in  better exercise performance and stronger muscles.
  • Increased energy: one of the best human growth hormone benefits is you will recover your zest for life! You will feel more energized and have a better mood to tackle everything that comes your way.

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Who is a Candidate for the Human Growth Hormone?

Both men and women can enjoy the benefits of human growth hormone therapy. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, memory loss, weight gain, low bone density or fatigue, consider bio-identical hormone therapy as your treatment. Before you make any decisions, talk with a board-certified doctor to understand the expected results and any possible side effects you could have from the medication.


Who Can Administer Human Growth Hormone Therapy?

To get the best of human growth hormone therapy you should only consider getting this procedure with a board-certified doctor. Board-certified doctors, like Dr. Ruben A. Medina, have advanced training in hormone replacement therapy and are experts in getting the right dosage, a tricky part of the procedure.


Enjoy a boost in your energy and physical well being with human growth hormone replacement therapy. To schedule an appointment with our expects, contact VIDA Wellness and Beauty by calling 1-619-738-2144 (toll-free).


Dr. Ruben Medina

Dr. Ruben Medina is our Wellness & Anti-Aging Medicine Specialist. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) in 2009 one of the highest-ranking and most prestigious medical schools in Mexico. He specializes in Anti-Aging Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, and Hormone Replacement Therapy to name a few. He is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the COLAMER (Latin American College of Aesthetics, Regenerative and Intelligent Aging Medicine).