Lip Fillers vs Lip Implants

Every day, hundreds of patients go to a plastic surgeon in search of a solution for thin, sagging lips or lips that “disappear” when they smile. Lip augmentation is one of the most requested procedures for our plastic surgeons. Whether it’s due to genetics, age, or lifestyle, not having plump lips is a problem that can be easily solved. The question that many patients have asked us is: what is the best method for lip augmentation? Currently, there are different alternatives to give more volume and projection to the lips. Lip Fillers, also called lip fillers or injections, are the safest and most effective way to achieve those juicy lips you want so much. Lip fillers are also nonsurgical.

Do not stop reading this article where we tell you why lip fillers are IN if you want juicy and attractive lips, lip implants are out, and what are the newest treatments to give volume to your mouth.

Dr. Fuentes |Plastic Surgeon

What are Lip Implants?

One of the best-known procedures for lip augmentation is implants. Lip implants are made of silicone and can be found in different shapes and sizes. To place lip implants, you must go to a plastic surgeon, as the procedure requires local anesthesia.

The results after placing lip implants are permanent, although most patients return to revision surgery as it is very common for the implants to move or, as they heal, the patient notices that they do not look natural at all.

Lip implants became very popular when they were first introduced as many patients were looking for ways to increase the size of their lips, something that cannot be achieved with just makeup. However, today, fewer and fewer patients are receiving lip implants as there are many complications associated with this surgery. In addition, it is very difficult to achieve results that look natural and bring harmony to the rest of your face with the use of implants.


What are Lip Fillers or Lip Injections?

One of the best (if not the best) options to increase the size of your lips are lip fillers, also known simply as fillers or lip injections. Have you heard of them? Lip augmentation with fillers is one of the most requested procedures at VIDA Wellness and Beauty because it is: non-invasive, fully adaptable to the patient and the results they are looking for, non-painful, does not require anesthesia, and there are no incisions or scars. They sound wonderful, right? So what are lip fillers?

Lip fillers are injectables made from hyaluronic acid, a substance produced naturally in the body, which is used to plump and shape the lips without going through surgery. In addition to increasing the size of your lips, thanks to the malleability of hyaluronic acid, your plastic surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist can outline your lips in a way that rejuvenates your entire facial expression. The results can be as subtle or as dramatic as you want and the best part is that they will never look fake, as is often the case with lip implants.

To get hyaluronic acid lip augmentation, you don’t need to worry about surgery, scars, anesthesia, or recovery time. The entire procedure takes between 15 and 20 minutes and you will see your lips transform instantly.

How can I get Perfect Lips with Lip Fillers? 

Performing a lip augmentation with Lip Fillers is a simple and painless procedure. However, so that you do not have complications and enjoy a “bee-stung” pout, it is important to go to a certified plastic surgeon for the procedure. At VIDA Wellness and Beauty we have treated hundreds of patients who return time and time again, realizing how amazing their lips look after being injected by a certified surgeon. It makes all the difference!

The advantages of seeing a certified plastic surgeon for your lip filler procedure include:

  • The guarantee that the syringes and material used are new, sealed, and original.
  • You will be injected in a sterile environment so that you do not have the risk of infection.
  • The plastic surgeon listens to the results you are looking for and understands the anatomy of your face, ensuring a look that you are happy with.
  • If you are not 100% satisfied with the result, the surgeon is the only one who can fix what is wrong. Do you feel that it is a lot? Your doctor can dissolve some of the injectables. Are you looking for more volume on the lips? The surgeon can give you more volume without it being too much.

How Long Does it Take to Recover from Lip Filler Injections?

We can finally talk about one of our favorite aspects of lip fillers: recovery. When you have a lip augmentation with dermal fillers, you can return to your activities the same day. As it is a procedure that does not require surgery, recovery is incredibly simple, practically instantaneous!

You will see the results immediately and for many patients, there is a period of swelling, which is minimal. During the first two weeks after your procedure, it is normal for you to notice your lips a little swollen. This completely disappears after 10 to 14 days, after which you will be able to appreciate the results of your Lip Fillers and decide if you want a little bit more.

And voilá! There are no scars, incisions, stitches, or anesthesia to worry about. You just have to enjoy your lips!

How Much are Lip Fillers?

The cost of getting a lip augmentation with lip fillers depends on how many syringes of hyaluronic acid you need. This depends on several factors such as the volume you want to achieve and the shape of your lips.

Approximately, having a lip augmentation with lip fillers at VIDA Wellness and Beauty costs from X to X.

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