No matter how many carbs we cut or how many hours some of us spend at the gym there’s ALWAYS that one problem area that just doesn’t go away! (Or two, or three…)

And as we age, those problem areas get even more resistant.

For most of my life, I’ve always struggled with my abdomen and inner thighs. I think most of us can relate, right? Seems to be the top two most problematic areas. It’s not even just the fact that I don’t like the way they look, I don’t like the way those areas FEEL. Sitting down is uncomfortable. Wrestling with the position of the top of my pants as they coincide with my stomach (let’s see, over the pooch? No, now I can’t breathe…ugh). Or just standing up and having to adjust every area of my ill-fitting jeans. Even just walking to the store, always trying to discretely pull my shorts down every ten steps because they have ever so nicely wedged themselves up into my lady parts (WTH).


I have been a runner, hiker, dancer, snowboarder, weightlifter, and kayaker for most of my life. Even as a child I basically lived outside and this included during the winter months. (My mother made me come inside as soon as she noticed my lips were blue). So it’s a sure thing to say I have led an active life.

Ectopic fat is the type of fat that we find surrounding our abdomens. Having a high level of this type of fat specifically is a major contributing factor to metabolic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Also, women always have a higher level of fat than men called adipose. This is genetically specific in that we are the sex responsible for providing nutrition to our children by way of our bodies during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Therefore, our bodies are readily storing more fat than men and this can also appear around our thighs and buttocks as well as other areas.

Here at VIDA we now have a great solution to help you improve your health while sculpting your body known as CoolShaping.

CoolShaping offers the most advanced, non-invasive body slimming and fat loss solution that employs the use of cryo lipolysis (fat freezing), vacuum, and LED light therapy. This particular system differs from other fat-freezing systems in that it is the only one to use LED therapy to promote collagen production. While the fat cells freeze away under the skin, the LED works to improve skin texture leaving a tighter, smoother appearance.


Here at VIDA our CosMed Dermatologist, Dr. Alberto de la Fuente, can help reshape your body in just one hour a session. The recommended treatment is 1-3 sessions every 2-3 months to achieve maximum results. Sculpt your body and improve your health! Contact us today at 1-877-211-8529 or

Dr. Juan Sanchez

General Physician graduated from the Autonomous University of Baja California Professional license 5995873. He has experience monitoring post-surgical Bariatric and Plastic Surgery patients, and currently he specializes in coolshaping.