How to Get Carpet Ready

Lisette’s Tip – How to Get Carpet Ready

Lissette Quiroz has more than 20 years in the beauty and wellness business.
Lissette Quiroz has more than 20 years in the beauty and wellness business.

Gone are the days when getting ready for your big event meant the same old routine: Beauty salon, nails, hair, makeup and looking for a cute dress in a boutique.

Things have changed a little bit since then. Nevertheless today we want to shine and glow like a red carpet celebrity, doing it without spending thousands of dollars is an issue! Well good news, it is possible! Let me share with you this little tips to look fabulous on your big day!

Light up your face: The amount of toxins in our body reflects in our face on several forms like acne, dryness, etcetera. Fortunately you can detox your body from the inside out with these simple steps:

1. Lemon water. Lemon water. Along with your daily 8 glasses of water, start the day with a glass of tepid water with half a lemon juice.

2. More fiber! This can have tremendous results on your skin. Start the day with oatmeal, change white bread for multigrain, include carrots and spinach to your daily diet and you would start noticing the change!

3. Avoid sugar. Refined sugar contributes to organs and body oxidation as well as premature aging causing damage to collagen and elastin on skin. Instead, try using Stevia or other natural sweeteners; you can also obtain the necessary suger by eating some fruit in the morning.

4. Do Juicing for a Week: Chop, blend and press. I personally like my Juice freshly pressed vs blended. There are plenty of juice recipes that help to clean up the organs and restore the skin. A common and delicious combination can contain cucumber, kale, ginger, parsley and green apple for more sweetness. Remember that you must drink them before breakfast so your stomach can fully absorb nutrients. During the days of juicing try avoiding alcohol, coffee, white flour and nicotine.

5. Avoid Bad Carbs Avoiding regular sugar for 3 days will help you accelerate the detox process and obtain a skin much cleaner and brighter. Instead try eating good carbs like sweet potatoes, squash and rice.

6. Get an Oxygen Facial. This wonderful treatment will leave your skin hydrated, glowing and with a younger look and feel. It works infusioning nutrients and oxygen directly to your skin; the result will be a rejuvenated face, with a more uniform tone and reduced expression lines. It will also help your makeup blend in perfectly. No wonder it’s Madonna’s favorite!

7. Sculpt your body: Already on a diet and nutritional regimen but cant get rid of those little love handles and stubborn fat? Well, I have a solution for you: Coolshaping.

This amazing system freezes and destroys fat, allowing your body to naturally eliminate the unwanted fat in a few weeks after the  session. With Coolshaping you can get rid up to 25% of unwanted fat per area like lower abs, love handles, arms, thighs and back. It also has a led light that will tighten your skin giving a soft touch and a better appearance.

8. Pamper your skin: My favorite ever. Chocolate body scrub. This treatment will leave an irresistible chocolate sent on your skin, smooth feel and shining appearance.

9. Choose the right makeup: Knowing whether your undertone is warm, cool or neutral is the key to ensuring that the makeup products you apply look natural. Are you winter, fall, spring or summer tone? How does the make up will work with your outfit? You can get help from an image consultant or personal stylist.

10. Get Everything Ready.  Feeling comfortable with your look is important but is not all.  The main idea is that you laugh and enjoy, as you deserve. So take a day off, a relaxing bath and massage before your event, and get the right amount of sleep on the previous week to your big day.

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