IV Hydration Therapy 101

In a perfect world, our vitamin intake would always be exactly what our body needs to stay and look healthy: smooth skin, strong immune system, buzzing energy, efficient circulatory system, and restful sleep. Unfortunately, not everyone’s habits and lifestyle allow them to supply their bodies with the vitamins and nutrients needed.

“IV Vitamin therapy is the perfect solution to supply your body with all the necessary nutrients you need, exactly when you need them.”

-Alex Quiroz, VIDA COO


This powerful vitamin therapy treatment gives your body an unbelievable boost, from alleviating hangover symptoms to increasing your libido and strengthening your immune system.

IV Lounge Tijuana Mexico
Our IV Lounge, especially designed for you to be as comfortable as possible during your session.

A Guide to Vitamin IV Therapy

IV vitamin therapy is the fastest and most effective way to replenish your body and improve your health by administering vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. IV vitamin therapy can be used for prevention or as an essential part of your wellness and health management.  As its name suggests, IV vitamin therapy is administered with an intravenous drip, which is why it’s so efficient.

Not all IV vitamin therapy treatments are the same, hence it’s helpful to understand that vitamin cocktails are tailored to every patient and their wellness requirements.

Depending on your body, medical history and blood tests, the doctor will design a perfect mix of amino acids, vitamins and minerals for your treatment. Then, the made-for-you cocktail is administered directly into your bloodstream in a comfortable lounge while you relax and start feeling better.

During an IV therapy session, you can be sure that your body is receiving what it needs, nothing more and nothing less, and that you’ll feel the benefits almost instantly.

IV Vitamin Therapy FAQs

Given its growing popularity, we decided to clear some of the most common doubts regarding IV vitamin therapy to help you understand how and why this treatment can do so much for you.

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Is IV vitamin therapy painful? 

No, it is not painful. Let us explain: Being an intravenous (IV) treatment, there is a needle involved. However, we use a very small (micro) butterfly needle to administer vitamin cocktails. Most patients report not even feeling the poke to connect them to the drip. Additionally, since the treatment is designed by a doctor and administered by a nurse, they’ll take great care of keeping you comfortable at all times.

How long does IV vitamin therapy last?

IV vitamin therapy treatments can last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the cocktail you receive.

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Isn’t IV vitamin therapy the same as taking a multivitamin every day? 

It is much better! IV vitamin therapy is far superior to pills and tablets since some of the nutrients ingested that way tend to ”go to waste” in the digestive tract. Your metabolism, medications and even OTC supplements can interfere with the way your body absorbs nutrients when consumed orally. By administering vitamins directly to your bloodstream, your doctor is ensuring the nutrients are received at a cellular level. Furthermore, after going through your medical history, the doctor can take all the necessary steps to maximize the benefits of the treatment for you.

Are there any serious side effects to IV vitamin therapy?

Side effects are rare and not serious. Some of the side effects can include slight bruising, changes in the color and smell of urine shortly after the treatment and an aftertaste from the supplements.

Are all vitamin cocktails the same?

No, they contain different nutrients depending on what you need. At VIDA, we have the following main cocktails in our nutrient therapy menu:

  • Energy Boost. A vitamin cocktail designed to support adrenal gland function, enhancing alertness and energy levels.  This cocktail contains vitamin B and amino acids among other key ingredients. 
  • Immune System Boost. To strengthen your immune system in a way no vitamin tablet can, this cocktail helps your body build its defenses against bacterial and viral infections. The immune booster can be administered as a preventative or to help your body recover faster from an illness.
  • Cardiovascular. Designed to support your circulation, this IV vitamin cocktail favors detoxification pathways in the kidneys, liver and gastrointestinal tract. Certain diseases can create an imbalance on your circulatory function and this cocktail will address precisely that. 
  • Pre or Post-surgical. Ask any surgeon and they will all agree: a patient being as healthy as possible before and after surgery will decrease risks substantially. Unfortunately, not all patients have the best nutritional and hydration condition for their surgery. An IV treatment to optimize their nutrition and fluid levels will aid in a safer surgery, faster recovery and even less swelling.

Additional cocktails can be created especially for you and your doctor will explain the ingredients of the cocktail you will receive during your IV vitamin therapy session.

What’s the cost of IV Vitamin Therapy? 

Our most popular IV vitamin cocktails cost between 120 to 200 USD per session. This price is inclusive of consultation and medical attention to solve all your doubts regarding IV vitamin therapy.

IV vitamin therapy can help you be the healthiest version of yourself. Schedule an appointment with an IV vitamin expert and start reaping all the benefits that this treatment offers. Call VIDA Wellness and Beauty at (619) 738-2144 to learn more!


Dr. Ruben Medina

Dr. Ruben Medina is our Wellness & Anti-Aging Medicine Specialist. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) in 2009 one of the highest-ranking and most prestigious medical schools in Mexico. He specializes in Anti-Aging Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, and Hormone Replacement Therapy to name a few. He is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the COLAMER (Latin American College of Aesthetics, Regenerative and Intelligent Aging Medicine).