Quick nutrition IV therapy

Obtain maximum energy and recuperate faster with an intravenous IV at VIDA Wellness and Beauty

Mostly any person can benefit from a nutritional intravenous. For those who are healthy and need a boost of energy or a major protection against viral infections a intravenous can be rejuvenating or a benefit before a cold season, before a trip or debilitated activity, or simply to just feel wonderful.

For those who have a sickness, the intravenous therapy is secure, effective and restorative. To say at least, the intravenous therapy has been used for years as an anti-aging treatment.

IV Therapy Types: Energy Boost, Vitamin C, Anti-Aging, Sex Boost, Myers Cocktail and more
IV Therapy available at VIDA

Why is so effective?                   

It can surprise you, but the majority of the sickness and conditions have been related with digestive disorders, diminishing the possibilities of the body to absorb its proper nutrients to be healthy.

Besides a lot of sicknesses and body swelling, digestive disorders can cause that our system uses all the nutrients in an accelerated way, or it requires high amounts to heal properly.

Since in the IV therapy the nutrients are administrated directly to the blood torrent, it skips the digestive process. That is why it’s so effective, besides, the blood levels are increased temporarily as the nutrients are send directly to the cells and mitochondria where they act. This rush temporarily activates the cells, this way the energy is produced in a more efficient way.

Some patients feel a rush of energy that can last days or weeks. Patients that suffer fibromyalgia experiment a decrease in pain, other with arthritis or ulcerative colitis. The infusion helps them obtain the necessary nutrients in the cells. Patients with chronic asthma or other sickness in the lungs, cardiac problems and allergies can respond with more energy and less symptoms. Patients that are affected by any type of infection can get a stronger immune system, making them less prone to any viral infection.

An IV therapy with our patients at VIDA

At VIDA Hospital in Tijuana we treat patients that request an IV for different reasons; some need a preoperative boost because they don’t have the right nutrition before a surgery. Also after a surgery they can request an intravenous cocktail that will help with a faster healing process, as well as decreasing symptoms and post -operative discomfort. Patients with menopause, cancer or elderly people request an IV therapy with personalized cocktails according to their needs under our nurse’s care and by supervision of our internal medicine doctor or specialist in chronic degenerative illnesses. Some of the most requested are: Vitamin C, Iron, Multivitamin and the Immune System Boost. Its good to mention that our prices are cheaper than in the United States and our services are worldwide quality.

IV Lounge at VIDA in Tijuana
IV Lounge at VIDA Tijuana

How to apply an IV? Is it going to hurt? Are there any side effects?

The process is simple and it’s also relaxing; do to our lounge that counts with relaxing seats, Plasma TV with cable and air conditioning. A small catheter is connected to the vain, and the infusion is slowly administered, in approximate 30 minutes or it could also be up to 3 hours. Side effects are extremely rare and usually are light irritations in the vain. Some sensations are to feel the taste of vitamins after applying the infusion.

The benefits of IV therapy are multiples, and some are:

  • (Increase of energy)
  • (Enforce the immune system)
  • (Helps obtain a high dosage of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that don’t need to be absorbed by the vowels)
  • (Decreases the recuperation time after a training session or illness)

At VIDA Wellness and Beauty we count with and extended menu of intravenous nutrition therapy, the following infusions are available for you:

Energy Boost, Weightloss, Hydration for Resaca, Pre and Post-Surgery, Immune System Boost, Antiaging Boost, Sex-Boost, Myers Cocktail, Bariatric Boost, Bloodstone Boost.   We also count with vitamins injections, like B12 Vitamin, glutathione and M.I.C (Methionine, Inositol and Colina)

If you need more information or want to book an appointment, you just have to call us at 1-619-610-1667 toll free from the United States or to (664) 608-6460 if you are located in Mexico. You can also write us at contact@vidawellnessandbeauty.com

Dr. Alejandro Quiroz

Dr. Quiroz is our board-certified Chief Plastic Surgeon at VIDA Clinic in Tijuana. He specializes in Facial Rejuvenation, Neck lift, Buttock Augmentation, Breast Augmentation, Body Contouring and more. He is member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, San Diego Plastic Surgery Society, the Mexican Society of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and the Mexican Council of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, to mention a few.