What is Morpheus8?


Hello, I’m Dr. Castaneda, and today we’re going to talk a little bit about Morpheus8.

What is Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 uses a fractioned radio frequency that is delivered through needles into the skin. Now it can be done superficially, but it can also deliver the energy more deeply into the tissue. So the effect overall that we’re going to get with this radio frequency microneedling is going to be tightening on the skin, and also when done on the burst mode for the deep, we can also shrink small fat deposits.

The versatility of this machine lets us treat a wide range of different patients, skin types, age and also ethnicity. It is important to take care of all these variables in order to have an optimal result.

Morpheus is very versatile in the way that many areas can be treated with the same device. The thing that will vary is the amount of pins on the tip. For face and eyelids, there is a small amount of pins that go into the skin. For body, for example, is like 24 pins that will penetrate for type tightening and reducing fat deposits.

The benefit of RF energy is basically on the stimulus for collagen production. When delivered superficially for skin, this collagen will be reinforced at the dermis level, so superficial skin tightening will occur. And on a deeper plane, also this collagen will be built up in the subcutaneous tissue, which will tighten further.

The results can be to be started to be seen very early on, as early as we finish the first session. Also, well, the swelling can contribute a little bit to that. Optimal results will be usually about six months after the last session.

The number of treatments needed to achieve skin tightening, it varies depending on the amount of skin looseness that we have previously. Usually, for a mild case, one session could be enough. But for more severe cases, usually three sessions is optimal.

Yes, we can combine Morpheus8 with other types of treatments. With the same machine, we can also do a full facial treatment, for example, similar to a facelift result, but without so much downtime. So in these scenarios, we usually combine what is called FaceTite for the jowl area and the neck, AccuTite for the cheek area and the lower eyelids, and Morpheus8 for an overall skin tightening in all the rest of the facial skin.

Fractionated energy delivery like the Morpheus8 does has different effects. The first is, well, the tightening and the stimulus on the collagen production that will occur. But also the fractioned part of the treatment makes the healing process be way faster than more ablative procedures.

The recovery on the Morpheus8 is quite easy. It will take about a week for initial healing, but we must wait for the swelling to go down. So repeat treatments need to be done at four-week intervals.

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