7 Things You Shouldn’t Do After Getting Breast Implants

After Breast Augmentation: Everything You Should Know what not to do.

Following your doctor’s advice is the only way to lose fat and get the results you want after spending a lot of time and money getting your breasts in shape. Your success with breast augmentation depends on your post-procedure actions. The following are the do’s and don’ts that apply after a breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the top 5 body enhancement procedures performed today in the United States. Over 193,000 breast implant operations were completed in 2020.

Breast reduction patient in Tijuana, MexicoBreast augmentation is a unique experience for each person, despite its widespread use. While it may be both thrilling and highly intimidating for many, some people may recover more quickly than others. But in the end, what matters most is what you do after having breast augmentation surgery.

Do you have any plans for breast augmentation? If so, you should be aware that the recovery from the procedure as well as the procedure itself are the two main factors that affect whether breast surgery is successful. In this blog post, we’ll focus on the aspect of life that people are most likely to overlook: the recovery.

Your body underwent a dramatic change as a result of the surgery, and it will take time and, of course, attention for it to recover and get back on track. Here is a list of don’ts you must abide by to set yourself up for a quick recovery.

What can you avoid doing after a breast augmentation?

Avoid smoking

One month before and following surgery, quit smoking as it can impair healing and harm the outcome. This means that you are urged to abstain from using any nicotine-containing products, including cigarettes and other items. This is because nicotine can increase your risk of infection and make your recovery more painful.

Never go to bed on your stomach

After getting breast implants, how you sleep and how long you sleep are very important. To prevent your implants from shifting and slipping into the wrong position, which could result in several complications, you must sleep on your back with your head and shoulders elevated with a pillow.

Hold onto your bra

After surgery, you must wear a surgical or sports bra. It can support your breasts and give you peace of mind while you sleep. Wear your bra for the first three to four weeks after your procedure.

Skip taking showers for a  few days

After getting breast implants, wait at least two days before bathing or washing your breasts. Then, gently wash your breasts without rubbing the treated areas vigorously.

Don’t take aspirin

Hematoma is one issue that people may experience following a boob job. It’s a condition where blood builds up in the tissues that have undergone manipulation during surgery. Aspirin thins the blood, so patients who take it after breast surgery are more likely to develop hematomas,

Don’t use drugs or painkillers unless a doctor has prescribed them.

Be more cautious when taking medications during the healing period, which could last for 1 to 2 weeks, and speak with your doctor if you feel you need to take any. Ask your doctor to prescribe the appropriate painkillers if you experience extreme pain.

Stop working out for a while.

For about a month, avoid strenuous activities. During this time, only walking is permitted. Ask your doctor when you can start performing lower body exercises after a month, then progress to doing upper body exercises.

Don’t lift heavy items

You should exercise caution when lifting heavy objects after any type of cosmetic surgery. For a few weeks, you should avoid doing any strenuous activities, including carrying and hugging your child, to prevent damaging the results of your surgery.

Skip the pool

Your body could suffer if you swim in a sea or pool, and any cuts you have could become infected. Therefore, we advise you to skip swimming for a while and instead enjoy a beach walk or a glass of lemonade by the pool.

Avoid getting a tan too early.

Surgery scars may appear more pronounced in the sun. After the first month, you can swim at the beach, but we advise against spending too much time in the sun (until your scars start to fade away and become less prominent).

Stay away from alcohol

Before surgery, you should abstain from alcoholic beverages. Additionally, delaying drinking for a week or two after surgery can hasten your recovery.

Don’t turn it on right away.

Even though you and your partner might experience intense sex cravings after your surgery, you should either wait a while or exercise caution. We mean “wearing bras and avoiding putting pressure on your breasts” when we say warnings.

What should you do after getting breast implants?

During the weeks of recovery following breast augmentation surgery, life is anything but “normal.” To achieve the best results from breast implant surgery, it’s critical to be ready to adhere to your doctor’s instructions and make a commitment to your recovery.

The Most Important Things to Do Following Breast Augmentation Surgery

You’ll need to set aside some time to recover. Here are some things you can do to lessen the discomfort and hasten your recovery.

Plan a day off from work

Make sure you have spoken with the right people at work and have received permission to take time off before having surgery. You need to do this to recover. If possible, you should take 5–6 days off of work after major surgery to allow your body to heal and for the pain and swelling to go down. After a breast augmentation, you may not need to spend the night in the hospital.

Put a Stop to Your Exercise Program

Your body is going through a lot after surgery. The last thing you should do is exercise right after surgery because it has already been put through a lot of stress. Your top priorities during the first few weeks of recovery should be rest and recuperation, not an exercise routine. It’s best to hold off on starting your old workout program until your surgeon gives the all-clear. They will ultimately be able to determine how well you are recovering and how much activity you can handle.

Wear a supportive sports bra while you’re recovering.

During the initial weeks of your breast augmentation recovery, support is essential. While skipping the sports bra might be alluring, you don’t want to endanger your recovery or make it take longer. Additionally, a post-surgical compression bra might be recommended to you to control your implants for the first few weeks. For the best possible support, adhere to either or as advised by your surgeon.

Massaging Your Breasts Frequently

Even though it might seem strange, breast massage is a crucial component of your recovery. This will encourage healthy blood flow and assist in reducing localized swelling. Additionally, you only need to massage each breast daily for about five minutes.

Reduce Sun Exposure

You should try to keep your chest area as protected from the sun as you can during the first few weeks of your recovery. This is done to prevent skin irritability, which would only make your pain and recovery time longer. If you plan to wear a sleeveless shirt, be sure to apply an SPF to your chest area before leaving the house. Sunbed use should be avoided for the first few weeks following surgery.

Maintain a Healthy, Balanced Diet

When you’re healing from any type of major surgery, you should focus on nourishing your body with wholesome, natural foods. Even though maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is important in everyday life, whether or not you’ve had surgery, it’s especially important as your body heals itself after surgery. Eating well will provide your body with the energy it needs to heal, which will speed up your recovery.

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