What Accreditations to Look for When Researching Tijuana Plastic Surgeons?

When looking for plastic surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico, it is essential to consider all of the accreditations the surgeon has to offer. This will help ensure that their skills and experience are up-to-date with the latest plastic surgery techniques. Accreditation varies from country to country so make sure your plastic surgeon has at least some of these accreditations before settling on them!

What To Look for When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon in Mexico

In Mexico, plastic surgeons must have the basic credentials of a medical degree, residency training in plastic surgery, and certification by Mexico’s leading plastic surgery society. Plastic surgeons must also complete an extensive accreditation process that includes an examination.

You’ll want to choose one that is board certified. To be board-certified plastic surgeons will need to pass written exams on topics including anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology, embryology, pathology, etc., and demonstrate their technical skills during live surgeries before both peers and superiors. 

How Do I find out if they are Board Certified?

Check whether the surgeon is certified by the Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery (AMCPER).  They have a directory here

What Accreditations or Certifications Should My Plastic Surgeon Have?

How can I confirm the qualifications my plastic surgeon has?

Before booking any life-changing surgery, you should begin the process with research and then more research. When you narrow down the scope of what plastic surgeon you are looking for in Tijuana, you can ensure that your desired plastic surgeon has the skills and qualifications you need to perform a successful surgery. Some ways to double-check this research include:

  • Call and speak with the plastic surgeon you want to be your surgeon.
  • Check the website and read the reviews/look at before & after pictures.
  • Ask the facility for a copy of all accreditations and certifications.

Choose VIDA Wellness & Beauty For Your Plastic Surgery Needs

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Plastic surgery is a very delicate procedure, which means there is a high risk for complications. To mitigate these risks, you want a plastic surgeon that is both experienced and can provide certifications and accreditations. At VIDA Wellness & Beauty, all our plastic surgeons are board-certified, hold and hold accreditations within their specific field. To learn more about our surgery options or speak to any of our surgeons, reach out to us today.