Butt Implants vs BBL: Which Option Is Right For You?

Find out which type of butt enhancement is better for you, Butt Implants vs BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) 

Buttocks augmentation implants have become more and more well-known in recent years. Silicone butt implants can give patients a rounder, fuller shape to their backside, but the Brazilian Butt Lift, or BBL, is another butt-enhancing technique rapidly gaining popularity. A BBL is a more natural approach that uses the patient’s own fat that was liposuctioned from another area, like the thighs or abdomen, and then reinjected in a process called fat grafting to give their buttocks a smoother, more sculpted appearance.

Brazilian Butt LiftThe popularity of procedures to enhance the posterior has grown significantly in recent years. Although the Brazilian Butt Lift is likely one of the more popular methods, it is not the only way to develop a rounder, larger butt. Although less common, butt implants are also an option and, in some cases, a better one.

Do you know the difference between a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) and butt implants when it comes to butt enhancement? Is one an improved option over the other? Learn more about the difference between the Brazilian butt lift and buttock implants, as well as their advantages and risks.

Hollywood stars and other famous people have recently sparked an increase in interest in getting that “hourglass” figure with a lifted and sculpted-looking backside. Either of these booty-lifting techniques can give you a rounder, curvier posterior. But which one of these two procedures is right for you?

There are different ways to get the butt you want

The desire to have the ideal-looking derrière is one of the reasons butt augmentations are all the rage for people across the nation. Although butt implants have been used for augmentation for many years, their use has become more widespread recently. 

Silicone butt implants can give patients a rounder, fuller shape to their backside, much like breast augmentation. The Brazilian butt lift, or BBL, is another butt-enhancing method that is rapidly gaining in popularity. Using a patient’s extra fat that was liposuctioned from another area, like the thighs or abdomen, and then reinjected, a Brazilian butt lift is a more natural approach, to give their buttocks a smoother, more sculpted smoother, and shapelier look.

What’s a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?

The Brazilian butt lift was developed to increase the size or improve the shape of the buttocks using fat grafting, where excess fat is taken from one area of the body and injected into the buttocks. A surgeon may also remove any extra skin from the backside while performing a BBL in addition to injecting fat there.

What are BBL’s benefits?

Plastic surgeons mostly prefer the Brazilian butt lift, and this is for several reasons. The fact that the results look more natural with BBL procedures than with implants may be its most significant benefit. 

Some other benefits also include improved physical function, increased strength and endurance, reduced risk of injuries, improved posture, and better mental health, as patients find they are more comfortable in their attractiveness and self-confidence, which is a major benefit. 

The surgery is relatively easy to perform, making it a good choice for those who are inexperienced or nervous about and invasive procedure. Using BBL over implants, including that the results are more natural. Since the surgeon injects your fat into the buttocks, the final product feels more natural than implants do. 

BBL results tend to look more natural. With implants, it is common for people to see the outline of the implant through their skin.

When performed by a trained and experienced surgeon, a Brazilian butt lift has numerous advantages:

  • The surgery is less risky than other operations, such as silicone butt implants.
  • The results look natural.
  • The results are long-lasting.
  • It can increase your self-esteem.
  • Your clothes can be more comfortable and fit better.

What are the risks of a BBL procedure?

Infection is an inherent risk of any surgery; as a precaution, some surgeons prescribe an antibiotic to all patients undergoing fat transfer.

Sensation changes around the targeted areas. You may experience some numbness and tingle in the area where the fat transfer was performed, but this should subside after a few weeks. If it does not, it could be a sign of nerve damage.

Significant swelling should go away within 2 to 4 weeks of surgery. Swelling that persists (along with redness, tingling, oozing from the wound, and skin that is hot to the touch) may indicate infection.

Minor bruising is normal after surgery and should go away quickly.

Hematoma or Seroma. A collection of blood or straw-colored fluid beneath the skin that may necessitate drainage by your surgeon or a nurse.

Scarring can be provoked by infection or failure to follow your surgeon’s postoperative instructions.

Damage to underlying structures, even with a blunt cannula, underlying tissues such as nerves, muscles, glands, and blood vessels can be damaged inadvertently.

Under-correction. Because too little fat is transferred, the desired aesthetic outcome is not achieved, and a second procedure is required to complete the correction of the targeted area. This may result in asymmetry.

Overcorrection occurs when too much fat is injected into the targeted area, resulting in cell death (Fat Necrosis) and a lumpy consistency due to blocked blood vessels. Extra fat may need to be suctioned out. This may also result in asymmetry.

Adverse reactions to the anesthetic. The most commonly used liposuction technique in Brazilian butt lifts employs a high concentration of the local anesthetic lidocaine. Excess lidocaine in the body can cause lidocaine toxicity, which causes numbness, drowsiness, ringing in the ears, slurred speech, seizures, unconsciousness, and potentially respiratory and cardiac arrest.

Respiratory and cardiac arrest can be fatal, but these risks can be reduced by choosing a registered, experienced plastic surgeon.

Fat embolism is one of the most serious complications of a BBL. When a fat clot enters the bloodstream, it travels to the arteries of the heart and lungs. If fat is injected into the muscle or a vein is damaged during the second stage of the Brazilian Butt Lift.

Skin Necrosis. Skin necrosis refers to the death of the skin layer directly above the treated area. This dead skin will initially change color and, if spread over a large area, can become infected with bacteria. This can result in scarring and other unpleasant cosmetic outcomes.

What does a BBL do to your body?

A Brazilian butt lift can result in a variety of cosmetic changes to your body, including a reduction in the size of your butt. Additionally, it can increase your confidence and self-esteem. 

During a Brazilian butt lift, a plastic surgeon removes the fat deposits from other parts of your body and inserts them into the areas around your buttocks. After you recover, your behind will be bigger, stick out more, and have an even shape, think about it being more symmetrical. 

Your newly-smooth body contours will be easy to see in the areas of your body that had fat removed.

What is the recovery time for a BBL procedure? 

The first few days after a Brazilian butt lift procedure are often the most painful.

  • Your butt will be swollen and look bruised.
  • Your incisions will have a bit of bleeding.
  • You will notice that you retain fluid around the area that was worked on.   

After 1-2 weeks, the pain should decrease. After liposuction, you may have to wear a compression garment to help reduce swelling and pain. In some cases, you may need to have a temporary drain in the incision to remove excess blood or fluid. For at least two weeks, you will be unable to sit or lie down on your buttocks. You’ll need to sleep on your back or side to avoid developing back or side pain. After a few weeks, you may be able to sit for a short time on a specially designed pillow that evenly distributes pressure.

Your body should fully recover in two to three months. Remember that your body is unique, therefore your healing time may vary. Throughout your recovery, follow your surgeon’s advice on how to manage your pain and discomfort.


What is a Butt Implant? 

Buttock implants made of silicone can shape, contour, and expand the buttocks. They’re similar to silicone implants used in breast augmentation, but the silicone is rubber rather than gel, making them far more robust and leak-proof, which is necessary because you’ll be sitting on them.

What are the benefits of butt implants? 

For certain patients, butt implants can be a better option. If you are very slim and don’t have enough extra fat for transfer, buttock augmentation with implants is for you. Even if you have some spare fat that can be used for BBL, implants may be better if you wish to dramatically increase the size of your butt.

  • Butt implants can tone up the upper gluteus muscles, giving you a good round butt and producing an attractive fullness to your buttocks.
  • It can reshape the buttocks if you have an uneven buttock and are unhappy with the shape of your buttocks, a butt implant will allow you to shape it and make it more gorgeous.
  • Butt enhancement can be a good solution to having a far too small buttock, in which the butt implant silicone fills up the tissues of the glutes in a way that enlarges the butt proportionately and gives the butt an attractive figure.
    Butt implants can be highly beneficial to patients who are obese to remove fat from the buttocks area, resulting in buttocks rotation.
  • A butt implant can also remove lumps or pimples from the buttocks, resulting in a more uniform form.
  • Improving your butt shape can enhance the beauty of your body, boosting your self-confidence.

What are the risks of a butt augmentation procedure with implants? 

Based on ratings, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has reported a 95.6 percent satisfaction rate for this type of plastic surgery. Despite its high success rate, butt implant surgery is not without risk. The following are some of the most common negative effects:

  • Excessive bleeding after surgery
  • Pain
  • Scarring
  • Skin discoloration
  • Infections
  • A buildup of blood or fluid beneath the buttocks
  • Signs of an allergic reaction
  • Skin loss
  • Vomiting and nausea after anesthesia

What do butt implants do to your body?

The buttocks can be given a curvaceous size and improved appearance with butt implants, which greatly improves the body’s appearance. The gluteal muscles, which include the Gluteus Maximus and Gluteus Medius muscles and are both covered by a layer of fat, which is where butt implants are placed.

Butt enhancement delivers impressive results, and the vast majority of patients are really satisfied with their plastic surgery and get to enjoy the desired outcome for many years.

What is the recovery time for a butt augmentation procedure? 

Butt augmentation surgery is often an outpatient procedure. t just takes a couple of hours to finish. While the healing process takes between one and two weeks. After two to three weeks, soreness and swelling should go away as they are common in the recovery period. The modest incision site is placed between the buttocks cheeks.

After the surgery, you’ll have to wait at least two weeks before going back to work. Depending on the complexity of your plastic surgery and the recommendation of your surgeon, also implant surgery patients should avoid sitting or sleeping on implants for 2–8 weeks.

Manage the time you spend sitting down

Your buttocks should be lifted if you have to sit. Instead, place the weight on your thighs or abdomen. Otherwise, you risk damaging the implants or the fat.

Take a break from your exercise routine 

Take a break from your exercise routines and strenuous activities while you’re recovering. This covers sexual activity as well. Avoid bending over or straining your buttocks. Likewise, take caution when leaning over.

Watch your weight gain

The results of the procedure can be hindered by weight gain after the procedure. The buttocks are usually the first body part to gain weight. The area’s size and form may alter as a result. It’s crucial to continue living a healthy lifestyle and eating a balanced diet while you’re recovering.

Follow your doctor’s instructions 

Always trust your doctor’s advice. You’ll be fitted with a compression garment following surgery. As instructed by your doctor, wear it. They will help to keep the butt’s shape. They also aid in skin healing and minimize edema. It’s crucial to arrive on time for all of your follow-up visits. It gives the doctor the fastest estimate that everything is healing well.

Take care of yourself 

Use this time of recovery to pamper, unwind, and reenergize yourself. Get plenty of water to drink and relax as necessary. It’s crucial to maintain a diet rich in fiber. It will aid in preventing constipation. 

Consume plenty of beans, healthy grains, apples, and sweet potatoes. A lymphatic massage may also be suggested by your doctor. This will promote drainage and speed up the healing process.

Who can be a good candidate for butt augmentation?

The techniques used for buttock augmentation are quite personalized. You should act in your own best interests, not those of others, or conform to some sort of unrealistic ideal.

You might be a good buttock augmentation candidate if:

  • You are in good health.
  • You set realistic goals.
  • You’re concerned by the thought that your butt is too small, and you don’t like its general shape.
  • Your butt is not proportioned.

Who is a good candidate for a BBL?

Candidates for a buttock lift often include:

  • Healthy people free of illnesses that would hinder healing or raise the risk of surgery.
  • People who are optimistic and have fair expectations for what BBL surgery can accomplish.
  • Nonsmokers.
  • People who are dedicated to leading healthy lives through proper nutrition and exercise.

Should I get buttocks implants or BBL to improve my backside?

Consider your aesthetic goals before having a BBL or Butt Implants. Our backsides are developed for a variety of reasons, and they alter as we age. Certain factors form and determine the buttock’s shape such as general body types that are inherited by both men and women.

A balanced diet and regular exercise will only improve the appearance of your butt to a limited extent, especially as you become older. People may have changes to their posterior as they enter their 30s or 40s. Muscle mass starts to deteriorate, and skin elasticity starts to decline.

Women in particular may start to perceive more fat developing in other places, including the hips, while their butt looks less “perky.” But not just women, more men are also having surgery to increase the size and improve the appearance of their buttocks. 

When that happens, your next course of action should be to seek out cosmetic treatment and the proper surgical treatment with a board-certified plastic surgeon. 

Which cosmetic surgery is best for me, a BBL or Butt Implants? 

The result of both treatments is to give patients the desired butt shape and appearance. The form and size of butt implants are improved. They are constructed of solid silicone that won’t crack or seep into the body. 

The use of implants for butt enlargement is a more intrusive procedure with longer recovery times. A BBL offers a more natural technique to increase form and volume while gaining the additional advantage of liposuction in a different area.

With smaller incisions and reduced recovery time, a BBL is less intrusive. When it comes to making a choice, your personal goals, your body type, and consulting your plastic surgeons will all play a role. It’s important to take a look at some before and after pictures from your chosen surgeon’s work, to help you decide if the results are on par with your expectations. As it’s something very important to consider before deciding on which option is best suited for you. 

Here at VIDA Wellness & Beauty, we want to help you achieve your goals, and obtain the body you desire. So you can start feeling like your true self, as well as improving your overall health, both mentally and physically. Learn more about our BBL and Butt Augmentation procedures at our website, here. Or reach out to us for a virtual consultation with a highly experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon in our Tijuana clinic.