Does Gynecomastia go away?

How long will it take for your “MAN BOOBS” to return after gynecomastia surgery?

One common question Dr. Castañeda gets asked about this issue is “Will gynecomastia come back after surgery?”

There is no simple answer to this question since each patient is different, but there are rare instances in which it can return after surgery. It is made up of benign breast tissue and fat, so removing the benign breast tissue will be permanent.

There are some reasons why gynecomastia would come back after getting surgery.

 Extreme Weight Gain

It is possible for “man boobs” to return after male breast reduction surgery due to weight gain. Significant weight gain can cause remaining fat cells to grow bigger, even though removed fat cells will not grow back. The body may also create fat cells as a result of significant weight gain, regardless of whether they have been treated or not.

Local or Brain Tumors 

The vast majority are benign, gynecomastia occurs in one-third of Sertoli cell tumor cases, owing to increased estrogen production. Other tumors that have been linked to gynecomastia include local tumors or brain tumors. 

Another anterior pituitary hormone involved in breast development is prolactin. Prolactin is produced not only by the pituitary gland but also by normal mammary tissue epithelial cells and breast tumors. Some tumors, such as those of the testicles, adrenal glands, or pituitary gland, can produce hormones that disrupt the male-female hormone balance. Of course, these symptoms are later analyzed and discarded if not the case.

But if neither of those choices applies to you, you have nothing to worry about. Most patients get great results that last their whole lives and change their lives, making them feel more confident. 

It is possible to combine gynecomastia with other plastic surgery procedures since sometimes liposuction is required to contour the chest area for gynecomastia, along with an actual incision to remove the breast tissue. It is common for men to request liposuction for other problem areas, such as love handles, which have not responded to diet or exercise.

Typically, gynecomastia recovery takes a week, just like liposuction recovery. Swelling lasts for the first four days, then the body begins to heal. After a month, most patients are back to normal.

In order to make sure your progress remains pain-free, it is important for men to engage in physical activity gradually. You may feel better, but your body still needs to heal. Before engaging in any physical activity, you should consult your doctor.


Make sure you look for a board-certified surgeon who specializes in gynecomastia surgery or male reduction surgery like Dr. Castañeda, who is board-certified in Mexico and the USA when searching for a surgeon. Keeping in touch with your surgeon and monitoring your weight gain is important to prevent the fat from returning.