Foxy Eyes: Surgery For A Captivating Look

Search the Internet for Foxy Eyes surgery and you will see hundreds of photos of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Why? The captivating aspect of their gaze is due to a simple procedure called Foxy Eye Lift, a surgery that effectively emulates the sexiness and enigma of a feline gaze. This is something that cannot be achieved with just makeup!

Foxy Eyes surgery has become one of the most requested at VIDA Wellness and Beauty. Our surgeons agree that this is due to the permanent results it offers and how amazing the patients look. In addition to rejuvenating the entire face, by lifting the outer part of the eyes, a harmonious effect is achieved on the face, also highlighting the cheekbones.

Be sure to read this article to find out why Foxy Eye surgery is so popular!

Bella Hadid

What Are Foxy Eyes?

Although many of us wish we were born with almond-shaped eyes that allow us to have a captivating look, many times this is not the case. To achieve this look, Foxy Eyes surgery is the best answer to permanently lengthen and lift the eyes.

Foxy Eyes surgery is an eyelid lift surgery, known as Blepharoplasty, with the difference that it focuses on lifting the outer part of the eye and combining a slight lift of the tail of the eyebrow. By doing this, your surgeon will give your eyes an almond shape, very feline-like. During the Foxy Eyes procedure, the surgeon can also remove some tissue on the eyelid if you have a droopy eyelid, thus refreshing your look.

For all patients looking for a permanent Fox Eye effect, this surgery is an excellent option.

Foxy Eye Surgery Main Benefits

When having Foxy Eyes surgery, you are going to see many benefits in your appearance.

The most important is the permanent results of the surgery. There are treatments such as PDO threads or good makeup that can simulate the fox eye effect. However, for those looking for a permanent improvement to the shape of their eyes, there is no better option than Foxy Eyes surgery.

It is a quick and easy surgery. The surgery takes less than two hours and you can recover at home. Eliminate wrinkles around the eye. In addition to making you look more awake, Foxy Eyes surgery can also remove some of the wrinkles and fine lines on the outside of the eye. It gives a rejuvenating effect to your entire face. By having almond-shaped eyes that look open, your face will lose that expression of “tiredness” that drooping eyelids cause. The incisions are tiny and hidden in your eyelid or under your eyebrow, so no one will know that you had surgery.

Why Are Foxy Eyes So Trendy?

Did we already tell you about Bella Hadid and Kendal Jenner? Beyond eyeliners and eyelash extensions, there is no procedure that achieves that striking look that fox eyes have. Thanks to this surgery you will be able to maintain that effect permanently.

Foxy Eyes have become so trendy because of how attractive the eyes look after the procedure and the lift and rejuvenation effect they provide to the entire face. By having almond-shaped eyes, even your makeup looks much more attractive and you can achieve dramatic looks.

Foxy Eyes: Why You Must Go To A Certified Plastic Surgeon 

As it is surgery on your face, and especially in the area of your eyes, it is of the utmost importance that you always go to a certified plastic surgeon for Foxy Eyes surgery. It is a golden rule that whenever you consider a cosmetic procedure, you must see a plastic surgeon who has experience in that particular surgery. The results of this operation are permanent, so you should never put your health and appearance in the hands of someone who does not know what they are doing.

In the same way, go to a plastic surgeon who schedules a prior consultation in which he explains how the fox eyes are going to look according to your face and bone structure.

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