How is Earlobe Repair Performed?

The earlobe has a unique position that changes the perception of the facial structures. There are traditions in Latin-American cultures where newborn baby girls get their ears pierced in order to distinguish them from baby boys. The African tribes of Ivan, Kayan, Mursi among others still wear their traditional clothing and accessories. These accessories go from wooden lip plates to earlobes decorated with large and heavy earrings to represent a symbol of beauty and identity. We’ve come to love and know the many parts of the ear that can be adorned with sparkly studs, gilded hoops, flesh tunnels, plugs, ear spacers, making an ear party with some statement earrings.

Dr. Quiroz | Plastic Surgeon 

Truth is that earlobes don’t have a biological function. For some, the earlobe is an erogenous zone. Since they are soft and without cartilage, they contain a large blood supply with many nerves ends, making the outside of the skin sensitive and stimulating.

On some people, their earlobe attaches to the neck or face, on others, it dangles free. A fact is that free lobes are more common than attached ones. Genetics plays a part in whether a person is born with free or attached earlobes.

Believe it or not, a few anatomical differences of the earlobes are duplicated earlobes, clefts, bite injuries (when the kisses in the lobes of love turn into bites), and tears. Splitting in this area may occur due to heavy earrings or a piercing that got snagged. Beyonce while she was performing at the Tidal X charity concert, back in 2016, she noticed her ear was bleeding, from the footage it seems like her earring got caught on her hair while dancing, causing her earlobe to get ripped, she continued performing like a queen and carry on with the concert.

Having split or stretched earlobes is a common dilemma among women and also men. Repairing the issue is a procedure that can be performed in less than an hour. Your doctor will apply local anesthesia to the area, usually, Novocain is applied. Commonly, after a week of the procedure, a thin scar is visible but nothing to worry about since it will fade over time. In terms of pain, it’s very minimal. There’s no need for prescribed medication, but you can pop a Tylenol or Ibuprofen.


Another cosmetic earlobe surgery is a type of otoplasty. This minor surgical procedure consists of reducing the size and shape of your ears in order to achieve a more aesthetic facial structure. The earlobe reductions focus on the re-construction of the skin or extra flesh caused by spacers, that leave an ear gauge and stretching of the skin.

There’s also a minor procedure that could be done, and it’s the earlobe fillers. Usually, older people get this procedure done since there’s wrinkling and sagging in their lobes, yet there are also younger patients that get this procedure done to achieve perkiness and prevent the lobes from ripping or prematurely sagging the skin caused by the weight of the earrings. A few jabs of filler will help to achieve a youthful look and earlobe structure.

If you have spent years styling heavy chandeliers in your earlobes causing them to stretch, just know that there’s a quick fix, either with fillers or a minor surgery, that takes from 15 min to 1 hour. Quick, easy, and painless procedures. Are your ears ready?

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