Things to Do in Tijuana Before & After Getting Surgery

Over the years, Tijuana has become a top medical tourist destination thanks to an abundance of quality healthcare in a safe, beautiful locale. As medical tourism continues to grow in popularity, more and more patients are traveling far from home to premier medical practices to access the best care, value and experience possible. 

tijuana mexico

When going abroad patients can find the perfect blend of locale and expertise to reach their aesthetic goals. These patients combine an exciting, life changing cosmetic procedure with a gorgeous destination and get the best of both worlds: beautiful surgical results and a rejuvenating vacation. 

Tijuana, Mexico continues to grow as a well-known medical tourism destination in a modern, pulsing, cultural city just across the border from Southern California. Its youthful atmosphere, expansive artistic scene, vibrant attractions and authentic restaurants draw hundreds of thousands of visitors each day across the border.

As the largest city in the peninsula of Baja California, Tijuana is also home to VIDA wellness, a top tier plastic surgery practice. The doctors at VIDA are welcoming increasing numbers of patients in search of high-quality, expert care and a 5-star travel experience. In fact, to streamline the experience and make the stay as comfortable as possible, they offer all-inclusive plastic surgery travel packages that include transportation, accommodations, testing, medications, and most importantly state-of-the-art surgical facilities and surgical procedures. 

If you are wondering what you can do in Tijuana before or after your surgery to make the most of your experience, we are here to show you. Get ready to explore:  

Top Attractions to Enjoy in Tijuana Before or After Surgery

Tijuana is a gorgeous resort city originally known for bullfighting, racetracks, and tequila but today, there is so much more to enjoy. As a modern, dynamic city bursting with history, sightseeing and leisure – you will have no shortage of attractions to visit during your stay. 

Consider these popular activities:

Avenida Revolucion

avenida revolucion


The first road in Tijuana ever to be paved, Avenida Revolucion is Tijuana’s “main street” – a popular place for exploring cantinas, artisan shops, concerts and art galleries.  While you will likely see some American stores and restaurants, there are plenty of local attractions ripe with the flavor and culture of the city. With 8 blocks full of quaint shops, restaurants and bars, this top destination offers everything – from bustling nightlife to intimate tastes of the Tijuana culture- all in one location. 

Tijuana Cultural Center 

tijuana cultural center

To experience unique art, beautiful music, perhaps even a live concert, the Tijuana Cultural Center is a popular hub for visitors to enjoy a museum style experience. You will find botanical gardens, art on display, a bookstore, an aquarium, coffee shop, films and more all within one of the most recognizable buildings of Tijuana. A sight to behold, the Cultural Center’s giant sphere houses engaging exhibits and interactive programs, welcoming more than a million visitors each year. 

Parque Morelos

Parque Morelos

For outdoor enthusiasts, Parque Morelos is an ecological reserve with plenty of grassy areas, walking trails, a lake, and food stands. It is the perfect place to spend a few hours, taking a leisurely walk and watching families enjoying the quaint park rides and fun activities. 

El Popo Market 

el popo market tijuana

Meet the locals and shop their food and merchant stands at the vibrant, bustling El Popo Market. Set near the ocean, you will find authentic foods and plenty of handmade leathers, artisan crafts and souvenirs to bring back with you. Visitors love the energy and colors of the market; you may even find live music on any given day. You will leave with a great feel for the Tijuana culture, food and friendliness of this welcoming city. 

Plaza Rio Tijuana

Plaza Rio Tijuana

For more of an American mall experience in Mexico visit Plaza Rio Tijuana. Here you will find larger department stores, an IMAX-like theater, and plenty of restaurants ( even a Starbucks) . This tourist destination is a great place to spend a few hours shopping or relaxing in an upscale mall environment. You will be able to find anything you need at Plaza Rio Tijuana, while enjoying the people-watching of your destination city. 

Casino Caliente 

casino caliente tijuana

Only 20 minutes from downtown San Diego, Casino Caliente is a good change of pace for visitors who want to be a bit more sedentary for the day. You can experience state-of-the-art electronic slot machines, sports and racing betting, and authentic Mexican cuisine. You will likely find other Americans visiting on day trips from San Diego, and have plenty to watch, see, and do while you are here.

Driving Cultural Tours

tijuana driving tours

Another idea to consider if you aren’t feeling up to a lot of walking is a driving cultural tour of the city. There are several companies that book small group tours to experience the main cultural attractions, plazas and entertainment centers, complete with tasty meals and photo opportunities. 

No matter how you are feeling before or after your plastic surgery there are plenty of engaging, memorable activities close at hand in Tijuana. From adventure to quiet relaxation, you will certainly find the perfect complement to your trip. Tijuana has something for everyone to enjoy, no matter your interests, so be ready for a life changing experience when you visit. 

All-Inclusive Plastic Surgery in Mexico 

VIDA Wellness offers a wide range of boutique-style plastic surgery packages completely customized to meet your needs. Our surgeons are amongst the best in the country, recognized for their expertise and beautiful, natural results. The providers at VIDA Wellness are bilingual and board-certified, and we offer internationally accredited surgical facilities. 

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To learn more call 619-494-3564. A refreshed, rejuvenated mind and body is within reach in Tijuana, Mexico– a beautiful, innovative creative place to be.