Hair Treatment and Beard Transplants

Having a full head of thick, glossy hair symbolizes youthfulness and vigor. In men, having a full head of hair is taken as a symbol of masculinity. In women, it is a sign of femininity. Thus, losing one’s hair can be a stressful experience. It can cause both men and women to feel self-conscious about their thinning hair or bald spots.

However, losing one’s hair is not a unique concern. In fact, about 35 million males and 20 million females in the United States alone suffer from thinning hair or male or female pattern baldness. To help patients restore a full head of hair and, thus, their self-confidence, the board-certified plastic surgeons at VIDA Wellness and Beauty Hair Center offer an array of hair restoration treatments.

Before and After Photos of Hair Transplant

hair transplant in tijuana hair transplant in tijuana

Before and After – Hair Transplant Procedure

beard transplant in tijuana beard transplant in tijuana

Hair transplant for beard – VIDA Hair Center

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We are experts in performing micro hair transplantation, also called follicular unit grafting. This outpatient procedure is an effective way to restore a full head of hair, with natural-looking results.

Top of the line technique with WAW system for a gentle and less traumatic procedure. You get results from the first month and without a scar!

Dr. Alessandrini Bariatric Team

VIDA Hair Center

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