Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in México 

Countless individuals turn to the talented plastic surgeons at VIDA Wellness and Beauty for their expertise in Brazilian butt lift surgery. With Brazilian butt lift, our board-certified plastic surgeons contour the region around the buttocks and re-shape the derrière, for a perkier posterior that is lifted to a higher, more youthful position on the backside.

What a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Can Do for You

Some individuals with a slender build have been unhappy with the look of their flat posterior for as long as they can remember. Others were originally happy with the look of their backside, but have noticed that the effect of gravity has ultimately taken a toll on the derrière, causing Brazilian Butt Liftit to sag toward the ground. In addition, unwanted fat that has accumulated throughout the areas surrounding the buttocks — the hips, lower back and flanks — can mar the original youthful contour of the posterior, making the entire area look droopy, lumpy or simply unshapely.

If you can relate to these aesthetic concerns, don’t worry. Our Tijuana plastic surgeons can provide a shapelier, more voluminous backside with a Brazilian buttocks lift.  Patients interested in enhancing their curves may also consider butt augmentation with implants as an alternative to injections.

How is a BBL Performed?

Brazilian butt lift is an outpatient surgery, performed under general anesthesia. (For our out-of-town patients, VIDA Wellness and Beauty offers a tranquil recovery boutique where they can recuperate from surgery in comfort.)

The first step in Brazilian butt lift surgery is to perform liposuction on the regions around the buttocks. For instance, your plastic surgeon may remove fat from the lower back, flanks and other areas of the waist, hips or thighs. Doing so provides a slimmer contour around the derrière, which, in turn, accentuates the feminine curve of the posterior. Performing liposuction also supplies the plastic surgeon with the donor fat used to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks.

Fat Transfer to Buttocks

After the harvested fat has been purified, your surgeon transfers it to the buttocks to enhance the volume and shape of the derrière. He re-injects the donor fat into the areas of the buttocks that require enhancement, usually the upper quadrant of the buttocks. He carefully blends the fat throughout the treatment area, adding more fat as needed, to provide a smooth, perkier profile of the posterior. Once your plastic surgeon is satisfied with the fuller, rounder appearance of the derrière, he dresses the treated area with bandages.

brazilian butt lift mexico
Before and after Brazilian Butt Lift

BBL Recovery Time

Symptoms are most intense in the first three to five days after surgery, but will gradually subside. Although swelling will improve within six to eight weeks, it may take about six months for any residual swelling to subside completely.

Patients can typically return to work about 10 days after Brazilian butt lift surgery. For about one month following the procedure, they should minimize the amount of time they spend sitting. If an individual’s job requires that he or she sit for many hours at a time, using a special pillow to take some of the weight off the buttocks is recommended. Brazilian butt lift patients should avoid strenuous activity, including exercise and sexual activity, for about 4 weeks.

The treatment area may be tender, sore, bruised or swollen. Symptoms are most intense in the first three to five days after surgery and will Brazilian Butt Lift Tijuanagradually subside. Although swelling will improve within six to eight weeks, it may take about six months for any residual swelling to subside completely.

BBL Cost

Average Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Cost

The average price of a Brazilian Butt Lift is $4,500 including surgeon fee, anesthesia, facility and medication.  This cost includes operating expenses and the price is subject to change according to each patient’s individual goals.  You can get your quote by scheduling a free virtual consultation here. 

Learn More About a Brazilian Butt lift in Mexico

You might be surprised to see how shaping and lifting your posterior can lift your spirits overall! To schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of our licensed, board-certified plastic surgeons to find out more about Brazilian butt lift, please contact CosMed / VIDA Wellness and Beauty by calling (619)610-1667 (toll free) now.