Pap Smear test in Tijuana

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Have you had a Pap Smear this year?

Any woman who already initiated a sex life should be checked periodically by taking Pap smears or Colposcopy. Human Papilloma Virus is the main factor to developing cervical cancer. Human Papilloma Virus is sexual transmitted while having sexual intercourse without the proper use of a condom.

Most frequent questions

Does having a pap smear hurt?Usually it´s not painful but the position and the speculum insertion might be uncomfortable
How long do I have to wait for the resultsOn average 1 week
What care should I take before I go?Don’t come with menstruation bleeding.
Do not have sex 48 hours before taking the Pap smears.
Avoid having a vaginal infection
Do I need to rest after having my Pap smear doneNo, you can continue with your regular activities
Can you know if I have an infection during the Pap smear?If because we’ll be looking directly at the vagina
Can you tell if I have a urine infection during the Pap smear?No, urine infections are discovered by directly checking urine.
How often do I have to get a Pap smear?Usually once a year, although in some cases it may be necessary every 6 months or every 2 or 3 years.
When should I start getting a Pap smear?3 years after starting your sex life could be a good time.

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