The Beth Project: Super Creative Pictures Document a Woman’s Weight Loss!


A life transformation is something to be remembered!


This is exactly what Beth Beard and Blake Morrow had in mind when they went into this almost 2 year long project called the “Beth Project“. Blake is a pop culture oriented photographer based in Toronto that has interned for Annie Leibovitz and photographed bands like Radiohead, Oasis and Moby. Beth has a background in theater and more importantly, had a life journey to share.

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When she approached her old friend Blake about doing some before and after pictures to document her weight-loss after bariatric surgery, they both jumped on the chance to be creative. We love how these photos turned out!


They named this series “The Beth Project“ and Blake released a little statement of the piece on his website:


“I created a series of pop culture-inspired portraits for my friend Beth, playfully celebrating her fantastic weight-loss of 150 pounds. I shot her “Before“ and “After“ selves two years apart, and then digitally integrated them to interact with each other within each scene. To properly communicate and celebrate Beth’s accomplishment, her body shape has not been digitally altered.”




We love this attitude and their artistry. Hurray for real bodies, and real journeys!

If you’re interested in documenting your weight-loss transformation, here at VIDA we’d be more than happy to oblige!

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