Cost of Plastic Surgery in Mexico vs US.

Age doesn’t have to mean kissing your perky boobs goodbye, or giving up on a tight tummy and an enviable derrière. Looking into cosmetic surgery? Your research has probably shown you that looking fabulous throughout the years is possible.

What about the cost? If you’ve been trying to find out pricing from different plastic surgery centers, you may have noticed these are hard to obtain. Although the final price tag on cosmetic surgery is largely influenced by the patient’s individual needs, we believe having this information from the initial stages of looking into any procedure is crucial.

While plastic surgery costs in the USA are so expensive that you might have to postpone surgery for a couple of years, consider going abroad instead. Heading to a different country can give you the same professional experience with a qualified plastic surgeon for less.

Let us help you discover where is the best place to get plastic surgery based on your needs and expectations. Making an informed decision will give you the aesthetic results you want, for a cheap price, without risking your health.

Where can I get a tummy tuck cheap?

Let’s take this as an example: you’re getting a tummy tuck. Where can you get the best value for your money? A premium experience? As the cost of cosmetic surgery in the US keeps on rising, more people are heading south of the border to sunny Mexico for their procedures. Tijuana, due to its proximity to southern California, bilingual surgeons, and state-of-the-art hospitals, is a patient favorite!

In fact, Tijuana is the 2nd most popular medical tourism destination in the world[1]. This is where you’ll find us, VIDA Wellness and Beauty Center, a world-class hospital where highly trained surgeons perform a wide variety of cosmetic procedures.

Cost of surgery in the US vs Mexico

No, looking for the absolute cheapest price should never be the sole motivation to go anywhere for surgery. However, it is possible to cut costs by half or more, while still ensuring you see a talented, board-certified surgeon.

A clear price point is vital for making the best possible decision.  We created a list of some of the most popular cosmetic procedures in North America, with their respective costs in the US. For your convenience, we also included the average price at VIDA.  

Procedure USA

(Excluding large metro areas, where prices are 25% -40% higher than average)*


(In an internationally accredited clinic)**

Facelift and Necklift $12,125 USD $4,800 USD
Breast Lift $7,900 USD $4,100 USD
Breast Augmentation (Boob Job) $6,500 USD $3,900 USD
Liposuction (per area) $6,025 USD $2,000 USD
Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) $8,150 USD $4,500 USD
Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) $7,475 USD $3,000 USD
Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty (Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery) $4,025 USD  / $5,475 USD $2,400 USD

* Average prices from Real Self,

** Average prices from VIDA Wellness and Beauty Center, 

Why is it less expensive in Mexico vs US?

Dr. Fuentes Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Fuentes

If you are surprised to see the difference in prices in the US vs Mexico, you’ll be even more surprised to learn that US prices averaged by RealSelf do not take into consideration “celebrity surgeons” or large metro areas. In Los Angeles, for example, a Face Lift can cost more than $25,000 USD as reported by patients on RealSelf.

How is that possible? While most of our doctors have been educated in more than one country, the cost of higher education in Mexico is more affordable. Even so, Mexico’s medical schools are consistently ranked among the best in Latin America and the world, they are highly competitive and sometimes free under the public education system. Another important factor that can explain this disparity in prices is overhead expenses. From heating and A/C to property costs, overheads are considerably lower. The cost of most Medical supplies is cheaper in Mexico too, despite being the exact same brands manufactured and used in the US and Europe.

What will I get for my money? Is the cheap price attached to a nickel-and-dime experience?

The total opposite! Coming to Tijuana, Mexico, means having a new patient experience. We are the kind of place that honors the tourism aspect of medical tourism. From the initial consultation to transportation, you are guaranteed a luxurious experience. Regarding post-op care, in the US you would have to either a) pay exorbitant prices for extra nights at the hospital or b) arrange your own after-care and commute constantly. At VIDA, a concierge experience means that patients who get plastic surgery here don’t need to worry about a thing. And for after care, stay at our comfortable on-site recovery boutique, walking distance to shopping centers and cared for 24/7 by the nursing staff.