Healthy skin 101

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Dermatologist | Dr. Alberto De La Fuente 


Do you yearn for a radiant skin? Have you ever wondered how some women seem to have such healthy skin? Well, the first step for a healthy and younger looking skin is having a skincare routine that takes into account your needs and wants. Curious? Keep reading to find out key steps you can integrate into your skincare routine.


Every day: Cleansing and protection

The first step for a hydrated skin is constant cleansing. It doesn’t matter how tired you are at the end of the day, take a few minutes for yourself and do a cleansing routine. We recommend you to start off with an oil-based cleanser, this will help taking away all the make-up and build up. Then, you should continue with a water-based cleanser, this way you’ll wipe away all the impurities. Another daily element you should never skip is sun protection. Use a sunscreen with a high SPF every day. It doesn’t matter if the day is cloudy or you’ll be working from home, even the blue light from the screen can damage your skin.


Once a month: Deep hydration

Pollution, stress and a somewhat imperfect diet, are just some of the elements that can prevent you from having a moisturized and healthy skin. Moisture and hydration are key to having a healthy skin and a Hydrafacial is your go-to option for reaching your goals.


The unique technology behind a Hydrafacial, which by the way is FDA approved, will deep clean your skin while it hydrates it according to your needs. This means that our expert dermatologists will analyze your skin and apply specific products to help you achieve your best skin. After your session, you will have a radiant and younger looking skin with a unified tone. Without a doubt, this treatment is one of our most popular facials!


Every six months: facial treatments

If you have sensitive skin or you passed a lot of time without protecting it from the sun, a good way to prevent, or correct, sunspots is to get an IPL facial. Did you know that our cosmetic dermatologists will leave you with radiant skin in only 60 minutes? However, sunspots and discoloration are only one of the benefits of and IPL. This effective technology also prevents wrinkles and helps with rosacea. After only one session, you’ll get a healthy and younger looking skin.


If you are looking for a powerful rejuvenating treatment, Thermage will be your favorite option. This powerful technology uses radiofrequency to target the deep layers of the skin and promotes the natural production of collagen. After only one session, you skin will look younger, healthier and more radiant than ever!


To eliminate impurities and make your body naturally produce a new skin layer, you should try one of our signature peelings. Our cosmetic dermatologists will give you medical-grade attention and a personalized attention so you can enjoy a radiant and glowy skin.

Once a year: fillers

Do you want to have fuller lips or a more captivating gaze? A great alternative to get the best results without undergoing surgery are our injectable fillers. In our Tijuana Medispa we offer a variety of rejuvenating options. We have Botox to help you with expression lines or Radiesse to accentuate your favorite features. Not sure what filler is right for you? Contact our team of cosmetic dermatologist and learn more about the options we have for you


Ready for the skin of your dreams? Follow our advice and visit our website to see our facial menu and give us a call whenever you are ready. Radiant and healthy skin, here we come!