5 ways to improve your shape after weight loss

At VIDA Wellness and Beauty we understand that having the perfect body takes time, so what happens to your skin once you lose weight and how do you get that desired toned body?

Your body has amazing versatility to transform, but this can take a while for it to catch up with itself after a major change. If you’ve lost a significant amount of weight in a short period, you might still have some loose skin hanging around. While this is reasonable, it can have a negative effect on how you perceive your own progress, and you may still be unhappy with your appearance despite lifestyle changes and the significant weight loss you’ve achieved.

Your skin is a multicellular living organ. The cells on the surface of the skin are lost and replaced every day, but the cells on the inside take longer to regenerate. Your skin essentially stretches or shrinks as you lose or gain weight. By reducing the fat that keeps skin stretched out, you’ll briefly deteriorate the skin’s elasticity, causing post-weight-loss skin to appear loose and flabby.

Here are 5 ways to improve your shape after weight loss


Exercise and healthy eating

Certain nutrients from diet-rich meals and high-quality sources are required to form collagen and other components of healthy skin.

Weight training exercises can help reduce the appearance of loose skin, especially if the loose skin is the result of weight loss.

Moisture and Hydration 

While it is critical to hydrate your skin from the inside by drinking plenty of water, you must also hydrate the skin’s surface to keep it healthy. Since water makes up the majority of your skin cells, dehydration makes your skin appear thinner and less plump. Drink at least two liters of water per day to stay properly hydrated, and you’ll notice a difference in your skin relatively soon. 


Regular massage, like exfoliation, helps to increase blood circulation to the skin’s surface, which encourages the growth of new skin cells for a firmer appearance. It can also help relieve muscle tension and promote a stress-free mindset. By applying enough compression with their hands, forearms, or fingers to reach the muscles beneath the skin, the masseuse can ensure that they are reaching the muscles beneath the skin, rather than just the skin itself. Increased blood flow and an anti-aging response can be triggered by massaging loose skin.

Radiofrequency and Ultrasound treatment

Massage, radiofrequency, and infrared light may be used in this treatment to address loose skin caused by excess weight loss. Although this therapy may not result in weight loss, it may help reduce the number of small fat cell sites.

  • Ultrasound: Skin tightening with ultrasound. Heat is used to stimulate collagen production in this procedure. To heat deeper layers of the skin, focused ultrasound energy is transmitted through the skin’s surface.
  • Radiofrequency: Treatments with radiofrequency Another safe energy transfer method that heats the skin to stimulate collagen production. The outer layer of the skin is the focus of this method. Safe energy transfer that warms the skin and stimulates collagen production.

VIDA Wellness and Beauty are dedicated to providing high-quality treatments, and this includes the medical staff. Only qualified doctors, not nurses, physician assistants, or aestheticians, perform the procedures, which sets us apart from other cosmetic practices. CoolShaping is a treatment offered at VIDA which employs selective cryolipolysis (Fat freezing) using a set of plates to reach a temperature up to -10 Celsius. An anti-freeze pad is placed over the skin fold so that the skin exposed to the freezing plates will not be damaged. The fat cells disappear after apoptosis (programmed cell death) and are removed completely by macrophages in a slow, gradual and progressive way during the next 2-3 months after the initial treatment.

Body Contouring Surgery

A plastic surgeon performs body contouring surgery, which means cutting excess skin and fat from the body. To give your body a smoother appearance, the surgeon will work to improve the shape of the remaining tissue. Based on where you have excess skin and how much you want to be removed, there are several types of body contouring surgeries, including:

    1. Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) 
    2. Panniculectomy (skin removal surgery)
    3. Arm lift (Brachioplasty) 
    4. Breast lift
    5. Lower body lift
    6. Thigh lift 

It’s crucial to wait until you’ve reached and maintained a stable weight before dealing with excess skin. If you continue to lose weight after body contouring, you will almost certainly need to repeat the procedure due to excess skin. Before considering body contouring procedures, experts advise  8 months to a year after bariatric surgery and maintaining a stable weight during that time.

Factors that influence the loss of skin elasticity

  • Time: The longer someone has been overweight, the looser their skin will be after losing weight due to elastin and collagen loss.
  • Amount of weight lost: Weight loss of 100 pounds or more tends to have a noticeable amount of excess skin in comparison to less drastic weight loss 
  • Age: Older skin has less collagen and tends to be looser after extreme weight loss
  • Smoking: Collagen production is reduced, and existing collagen is damaged, resulting in loose, sagging skin.
  • Sun Exposure: Your skin can be damaged by sun exposure in the past, present, and future.

For many, regaining the confidence they’ve always wished for by losing excess skin can be a dream come true. And you can get it all using the methods listed above with any of the products and services offered at VIDA Wellness and Beauty. The decrease of elasticity in the skin induces loose skin as a result of rapid fat loss. This can be addressed in a variety of ways, from natural remedies like muscle-building exercises to medical solutions like plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery with any of our certified Doctors. Always remember to weigh the benefits and disadvantages before making a decision. Overall, you should choose the best option for you to achieve a positive body image.