Male plastic surgery trends for summer

It seems that social media is changing the way people see themselves. The desire to look “beautiful and attractive” inspires the need for aesthetic surgery. Women and men have both been affected by “zoom dysmorphia.” People look at themselves through their cameras more and more these days, and different flaws have been noticed.

A global survey conducted by ISAPS in 2020 found that rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, cheek implants, liposuction, and ear surgery are the top five aesthetic procedures for men worldwide.

Here are 5 of the hottest summer surgical trends for men.

Rhinoplasty (nose job)

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that alters the shape of the nose. With the increasing number of zoom calls and the peak of the pandemic, 65,121 nose jobs were performed on men in 2020, according to global statistics by ISAPS. You may decide to undergo rhinoplasty to change the appearance of your nose or to improve your breathing. 

The before and after pictures of these patients will amaze you.


In blepharoplasty, the surgeon removes superfluous skin from the lid by creating an incision inside its natural crease. In most cases, surgical scars are concealed behind the natural folds and wrinkles of the eyelids or within them. It is also possible for the surgeon to remove muscle and reposition fat during the blepharoplasty procedure. 


The details of liposuction for men may vary somewhat from those for women, but they can also achieve dramatic outcomes. It is common for men to have liposuction in different areas than women do. Sculpting and defining features are often more important than anything else, and fatty gynecomastia can be improved with this procedure. Among the commonly treated areas are the chest, the abs, the arms, and the chin/neck. 

Otoplasty (ear surgery)

A procedure called otoplasty alters an ear’s shape, position, or size. Ear piercings can be done at any age after the ears have reached their full size. Correcting even minor deformities can profoundly benefit both appearance and self-esteem. Otoplasty allows the ears to be shaped more naturally while bringing the face into balance and proportion.


In medicine, gynecomastia refers to enlarged male breasts. A hormonal imbalance, steroids, marijuana use, and medications can cause it. In most adult males, diet and exercise are usually enough to relieve it. Gynecomastia in men can be treated most effectively by male breast reduction surgery.

Among the other trending aesthetic procedures are non-surgical fillers to rejuvenate the skin. Injectables, such as botox, have also gained popularity among men to reduce wrinkles and smooth out their faces.

It is important that you discuss what you want changed with your surgeon, as well as what other facial features and skin on your nose you have. Surgical plans will be customized for each patient if they are candidates for surgery. At VIDA Wellness and Beauty, our board-certified surgeons can help you learn more about your options. 

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