Open vs. Closed Rhinoplasty: How Do You Get a Scarless Nose Job?

What Is the Difference Between an Open Rhinoplasty and a Closed Rhinoplasty?

While an “open rhinoplasty” is a nose job procedure with a more visible incision line on the exterior of the nose, a “closed rhinoplasty” involves incisions on the interior of the nostrils. For this reason, a closed rhinoplasty is sometimes called a “scarless nose job” because the incisions are made on the inside of the nostrils and no part of the cuts are ever seen externally, avoiding any visible scars.

Scarless nose jobs are a new type of rhinoplasty procedure that is becoming increasingly popular in the cosmetic surgery world.

However, sometimes the scarless nose job may not be the right type of rhinoplasty for your unique situation. Knowing the difference between open and closed rhinoplasties will help you decide which surgery is best for you – and your nose. 

What Is an Open Rhinoplasty?

Open rhinoplasty is a traditional nose surgery that involves making an incision across the columella or the thin strip of tissue that separates the nostrils. The method, called a trans-columellar incision, is an incision made to the area that connects the left and right nostril incisions. The nasal skin is then folded up to provide the surgeon with an unobstructed view of the lower nasal skeleton. This type of surgery gives surgeons more visibility and access to the nasal bones and cartilage. It is typically used for complex reconstruction surgeries and offers improved visualization of the nose. 

open versus closed nose job

What Is a Closed Rhinoplasty?

A closed rhinoplasty, or what is becoming known as the scarless nose job, is a less invasive surgery that involves making incisions inside the nostrils. Since the incisions are made on the inside of the nostrils, no part of the incisions is ever seen externally, avoiding any visible scars. This type of surgery is typically used for smaller procedures, such as asymmetrical noses, and bumps.

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Which Procedure Is Best For Me?

Open and closed surgeries both have their own benefits, so it really depends on your individual needs and what you want to accomplish with your new look. 

Open Rhinoplasty:  This surgery is ideal for more complex procedures or complete facial reconstruction. This process has a minimum of a six-week recovery period and is best for those patients who need more work done than closed rhinoplasty. 

Closed Rhinoplasty: This is good for smaller procedures that require less invasive work and can be done completely through the nostril without having to make an outside cut. Also known as the scarless nose job, this procedure is best for crooked noses or people who need to adjust their nose for nasal breathing issues. This procedure also has a shorter recovery period and involves less swelling. 

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Which Surgery Should I Choose to Avoid Scarring?

If you’re trying to avoid scarring, then a closed rhinoplasty will be your best option. This is because the closed rhinoplasty makes cuts to the inside of the nose and leaves behind no scars.

However, if you need reconstructive or more complicated cosmetic work done, such as changing the shape of your nose completely, then open surgery would probably be necessary. The choice between open and closed surgical options should always depend on what kind of outcome is desired by the patient and what your doctor recommends.

How Do You Avoid a Bad Nose Job?

Like any surgery, it’s important to research your plastic surgeon before deciding whether or not they are the right fit for you. The safest way to avoid having an unsatisfactory nose job, which can leave physical disfigurement or emotional damage, is to make sure that the plastic surgeon performing the procedure has certifications and plenty of experience with rhinoplasty surgeries.

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You also want to make sure that your plastic surgeon also provides the right kind of after-care process. This ensures that you have the right care you need directly after the surgery and that your medical team is there to help solve problems immediately.

Scarless Nose Jobs at VIDA Wellness in Tijuana, Mexico

The two different approaches to reshaping the nose, open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty, come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

To determine which type of surgery is best suited for you, our team of board-certified plastic surgeons will walk you through the process and help you choose. To learn more about nose jobs, and our facility, contact our team at VIDA today! 

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