Gastric Sleeve: Why are weight loss results different?

If you are reading this, you are probably doing some research about one of the most effective and safest bariatric procedures available: the Gastric Sleeve. Also known as a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, this is an advanced procedure that helps eligible patients lose excess weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. From happy patients and their success stories, we can assure that it is a life-changing procedure! And here at VIDA Bariatrics, we want to help you understand the surgery’s results. So, we sat down to chat with our board-certified bariatric surgeons who told us, first-hand, why don’t all patients lose the same amount of weight? This is by far one of the greatest concerns we hear from patients!

“The surgeon removes a significant portion of your stomach, leaving a small “stomach pouch”. This will benefit you, the patient, in two main ways: a smaller stomach means you will need to ingest less food and you will produce less Ghrelin, the hormone that signals hunger. This, combined with the patient’s commitment to follow a healthy diet, leads to sustained weight loss over time. My colleagues and I support our patients from start to finish, and we always recommend working alongside a nutritionist, but of course, results are different for everyone! Every patient is different, every lifestyle has certain variations and organisms react differently!”

We assure you that no two cases are the same, however, if the patient is committed to making lifelong-healthy changes, they can definitely expect to lose and keep off a significant percent of the weight.

“It is not uncommon for VIDA patients to come into their initial consultation and ask us exactly how much weight will they lose from Gastric Sleeve surgery. The truth is- every case is different. We prioritize our patient’s health and safety, that always comes first! And we never just tell patients that they can expect to lose a set amount of weight. I understand that living with obesity is frustrating, and the Gastric Sleeve is a tool to change their lives. It is however unfair to promise patients that they will lose a defined number of pounds in a limited amount of time. As experienced and honest bariatric surgeons, we are able to tell patients an approximate amount of weight but never without discussing first all of their doubts and helping them set proper expectations.”

Apart from the surgery, there are a variety of factors that will help a patient lose weight: diet, exercise and an overall commitment of changing unhealthy lifestyle habits. He also noted that the size of the “sleeve” the surgeon makes affects how much weight loss patients can expect. “This is why we take great care in explaining the procedure specifically for the patient and how it will help them.

The first 6 months after surgery are a period of constant dramatic changes. “This is when most of the weightloss happens. On average, a patient who is dedicated, follows a diet and exercise plan, can expect to lose between 60% and 80% of their total weight loss. And, if patients are committed and work with the support team we have available at VIDA, including a nutritionist, they will likely keep on losing weight for around 24 months. Again, this changes with every patient. What I really like to stress is that their dedication to losing and keeping their weight off is what ultimately makes a difference.

The stomach is an elastic muscle, so if the patient falls back into bad habits and excessive eating, the ‘sleeve’ will start stretching again and patients can regain weight. Long-term weight loss requires an effort. Patients need to know they are not alone, we hear them, we understand their struggles and we are here to help! It makes me feel happy and proud to see how many patients’ lives improve after the surgery!”

Although the amount of weight loss is a major concern, our surgeons all agree that the benefits of a Gastric Sleeve extend far beyond pure weight loss. As we said at the beginning, we know it is a life-changing procedure. Starting your weightloss journey is only the beginning. The way you see yourself and the way you feel about yourself will change with every pound lost! The benefits of finally beating obesity will be different for every patient but one thing is certain, although no two patient’s weight loss story is the same, getting a Gastric Sleeve will improve your life and the way you interact with your loved ones. Give yourself the opportunity to live a healthier life. At VIDA we not only have the best bariatric surgeons in the region; we are also proud to be the first surgical facility in Mexico to receive international accreditation by QUAD A and have an entire staff dedicated to help YOU.

So, if you want to determine whether or not you are a candidate for a Gastric Sleeve or have doubts regarding the procedure, don’t wait any longer and contact us. Our bilingual staff will be more than happy to answer any question or set up an appointment. Call us at 1 (664) 608-6460 from Mexico, at 1 (619) 955-6845  from USA, or reach us at our toll-free number 1 (619)738-2144.
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Dr. Gabriela Rodriguez specializes in General and Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery. She brings to VIDA Wellness and Beauty a wealth of experience in bariatrics. Dr. Rodriguez is a founding associate of the Mexican College of General Surgeons. A world-class bariatric surgeon with double certification in the US and Mexico.