Tijuana: Why is it the Leading Bariatric Surgery Destination Globally?

Bariatric surgery is the collective term for a variety of different weight-loss surgeries. The most widely-known type of bariatric surgery is gastric sleeve. Whatever weight loss surgery is right for you, it will focus on making changes to the digestive system that will alter the way your body processes food. One of the most common ways to do that is by limiting the amount of food you can eat. 

what is bariatric surgery

There are many benefits to having bariatric surgery done, but it is specifically meant for people who are really struggling with their weight, and metabolic chronic disease, and have tried diet and exercise with little to no results. Around the world, it is expected that about 25 million adults are good candidates for this type of surgery. Is it for you? Read here.

Because of the benefits, the popularity of bariatric surgery continues to grow across the globe. Not only are more people concerned about the health risks of obesity, but they also want to feel better about the way they look. 

Unfortunately, bariatric surgery can be very expensive, and not always easy to schedule thanks to how in-demand it truly is. In the United States, for example, gastric bypass surgery can cost over $20,000. Most people don’t have that kind of money to lose weight, and even if they do, they don’t want to be put on a long waiting list before they can receive the surgery. 

Because of that, Tijuana has become a leading destination for bariatric surgery. By coming to Tijuana for your bariatric weight loss surgery, you can expect all of the benefits without the hassle.

Why Choose Tijuana for Bariatric Surgery?

So, what makes Tijuana one of the best places in the world for weight loss surgery? First, it is one of the fastest-growing cities in Mexico, with a heavy focus on education, medical technology, economics, and politics. Second, the proximity with San Diego, just across the border, making it easy for th patients to travel and get the quality medical services with high level specialist and hospitals with state of the art facilities at a more affordable price. Tijuana often attracts individuals looking for different medical procedures because it is a hub that has become prominent due to its success. 

While the city is already busy and bustling, the boom in the weight loss surgery industry has made it even more of a hot spot for tourists and those seeking different treatments. Due to that growth, medical facilities and new high rises are popping up all over the city to accommodate the needs of people needing help. 

Tijuana has responded to the sudden growth by being fully equipped with the latest in medical technology. That is why so many people recognize it as a reputable place for things like bariatric surgery. In fact, it’s currently the top spot for medical tourism in North America. 

Many individuals from the U.S. and Canada cross the Mexico border every day specifically to have bariatric surgery performed in Tijuana. 

What to Expect from Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana

Having a bariatric procedure done in Tijuana is much like having it done anywhere else. But, you’ll likely be paying a lot less and you won’t have such a long wait time. You will typically go through a consultation first before deciding on the type of surgery that will best fit your needs. 

Because our physicians are laparoscopic experts, they will inform you about what to expect during a laparoscopic procedure and talk to you about how you can improve and speed up your healing afterwards. 

After a bariatric surgery, you will be on clear liquids and progress to a solid stage food over a period of time. This gives your stomach a chance to heal and for some of the swelling to go down so when you do eat again, you can do so comfortably and without risk. After that, you will be on a very specific diet for several weeks that starts with mostly liquids and switches to solid foods over time. You will need to learn to change your eating habits to adapt to your “new” stomach, but that is also something the doctor will go over with you. 

If you have any questions before or after your surgery, our board certified bariatric surgeons will be able to answer them to set your mind at ease. 

Saving Money on Surgery

One of the biggest reasons why people come to Tijuana for bariatric surgery is to save time and money. We already touched on the fact that this type of surgery in the U.S. could cost over $20,000. In Tijuana, a bariatric procedure costs almost a fourth of that, at just around $5,000

That doesn’t mean you’re getting subpar service or have anything to worry about. Undoubtedly, you will hear plenty of stereotypes and “risks” from friends and family before deciding to come to Tijauana for surgery. But, most of those stories are nothing but myths. Like any other medical facility in the world, you have to be willing to do your research on the practice, the doctors, and what they offer. 

Reading reviews is also a great way to gain insight into what you can expect from your surgery. The professionals who perform bariatric surgery in Tijuana do so with the same standards of safety as other areas of the world. But, because of the our graphical location, the local market prices for medical supplies and hospitals and the popularity of the procedure, most facilities in Tijuana are able to offer it at a fraction of the cost. 

Choosing the Best Bariatric Surgeon in Tijuana

At VIDA Bariatrics, we pride ourselves on having a team of bariatric specialists that are board certified in Mexico and its equivalent in the US, skilled physicians and laparoscopic surgeons. Our team has a deep understanding for those who desperately want to lose weight but have tried everything else to no avail. 

So, of course, we believe that we are one of the premier locations for bariatric surgery in Tijuana. But, if you’re still not sure about whether to commit to a weight loss procedure, there are some steps you can take to give yourself peace of mind: 

  1. Ask the people you know. Have any of your friends or family members undergone bariatric surgery in Tijuana? Don’t be afraid to ask them about their experience, so you can not only find the right facility to fit your needs but so you can be prepared for the procedure itself. 
  2. It always pays to do your research on the facility and surgeon performing your procedure. Surgeons who take pride in their work are never afraid to show their credentials or encourage patients to look up reviews online. People are very quick to be open and honest about their experiences. So, a surgeon with plenty of positive reviews on top of years of success and experience can help to ease any worries you might have. 
  3. Visit the location where the surgery will take place. Whether it’s a hospital or specific surgery center, you should feel comfortable with the location and it should be up to your standards. When you feel safe and secure, you’re more likely to have confidence in the procedure, itself. (If you can’t visit us first, we will be happy to give you a virtual tour!) 

What Are the Types of Bariatric Surgery? 

As stated above, bariatric surgery refers to several different types of weight loss surgery. At VIDA Bariatrics, we perform the following procedures: 

As with any type of surgery, there are risks and benefits. If you’re not sure which type of bariatric surgery is right for you, feel free to talk to one of our physicians about it. Some are less invasive than others, and you should feel comfortable no matter which option you choose. But, the most important reason to talk to a doctor ahead of time is to determine which surgery option is best for your overall health and wellbeing. 

What Is the Post-Surgery Care Like in Tijuana?

Because Tijuana is becoming so popular for medical procedures like bariatric surgery, buildings are being constructed for people coming to have surgery, as well as people recovering. 

At VIDA Bariatrics, we offer a variety of benefits you can enjoy after your surgery, including a one-night stay in the hospital and one in the recovery boutique. This allows you to be monitored to make sure everything is okay and that the surgery went according to plan. 

Recovery Boutique

Because there is so much to do and see in Tijuana, some people choose to spend a few extra days, or even weeks in the city after their surgery to heal and get used to the feeling of their “new” bodies before returning home. 

The best thing you can do if you’re considering bariatric surgery in Tijuana is to ignore any of the negative ‘stories’ you may have heard. Tijuana is booming in this industry for a reason. Not only is the price right, but the professionals who perform bariatric surgery do so with the utmost dedication and care. 

If you have any more questions about weight loss surgery options in Tijuana, feel free to contact VIDA Bariatrics for more information. You don’t have to keep living in a body that makes you unhappy and one that could be increasing other health risks with every step you take. To see if you’re an ideal candidate for bariatric surgery, feel free to contact us today. 

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Dr. Gabriela Rodriguez specializes in General and Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery. She brings to VIDA Wellness and Beauty a wealth of experience in bariatrics. Dr. Rodriguez is a founding associate of the Mexican College of General Surgeons. A world-class bariatric surgeon with double certification in the US and Mexico.