Weight Loss Surgery for Over 65

People of all ages (Yes, even people over 65) can be interested in weight loss. Obesity is a growing problem, but with a healthy diet, the right exercise plan, and in the context of this article, weight loss surgery, measures can be put in place to reduce the risk of any health-related problems.

Weight loss surgery is rarely performed on people over the age of 65, but there are no reasons why people in this age bracket shouldn’t consider it. Studies have shown that bariatric surgery can be effective for people in this older age bracket, so readers can be assured that this kind of weight loss surgery can be successful. 


If you’re in the senior age bracket, or if you are concerned about an older relative or friend, consider bariatric surgery. It is typically recommended for people with a body mass index (BMI) of 35 or more, and who have struggled to lose weight through more traditional ways, such as exercise and healthy eating. We go into the reasons why it should be considered below, so keep reading, and get in touch with us if you would like to know more. 

Obesity: Health Risks For Older People

Being overweight can put anyone at risk of a range of health complications, but the problem can be exacerbated for older adults. As people over the age of 65 are already at risk of a range of health issues, being overweight can prove even more problematic.

As we age, our bodies burn fewer calories, and it is more difficult to lose fat. Unless we adjust our calorie intake accordingly, weight can creep on, and this can put us at risk of a number of health conditions. This is especially true for people over the age of 65.

There are other reasons why seniors gain weight. These include:

  • Age-related muscle loss
  • Hormonal changes
  • Side-effects of medication
  • A sedentary lifestyle

Certain health conditions can also make a person gain weight, including congestive heart failure, so consultation with a doctor is always advised. 

Health conditions caused by obesity

Common health conditions caused by obesity include high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Diabetes sufferers are at a higher risk of developing kidney disease and having a stroke, alongside other medical conditions. 

Being overweight can also make mobility difficult, as the excess weight that is being carried can put a strain on the joints. 

A study in China has also linked obesity to depression, and researchers have also found that obesity can have an impact on cognition too. While cognitive functions do deteriorate with age, there is evidence to suggest they will deteriorate more quickly in people who are significantly overweight. 

Older people are already at risk of these health conditions, but this risk can be reduced with weight loss surgery. While seniors can expect a longer hospital stay than younger adults, there is the unlikelihood of any adverse health effects as a consequence of the surgery. 

How Weight Loss Can Be Achieved

There are a number of ways a senior can lose weight.

Low-impact exercises, such as walking and swimming, can help to increase muscle strength and shift any excess weight.

A healthy diet can also help to reduce and prevent weight gain. Seniors should speak to their doctor to determine a safe eating plan.

Bariatric surgery should also be considered, especially for those adults who are struggling to lose weight in other ways. People with a BMI over 30 can be considered obese, and as we have discussed, this can put them at an increased risk of a variety of health conditions. For many, weight loss surgery is the right answer.

The Benefits Of Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery can be life-changing for those people who are overweight. It is especially useful for those who haven’t achieved long-term success at losing weight using other methods. 

Bariatric surgery can also prevent further weight loss. As the procedure reduces the stomach’s storage capacity, this can help a person feel fuller sooner than normal when eating. Consequently, the person will be less likely to overeat. Certain bariatric procedures can also limit calorie absorption.

For seniors with a BMI of 35 or more, there are the health risks that we discussed earlier. This makes them a likely candidate for bariatric surgery, as losing the excess weight will drastically reduce their chances of developing these life-threatening health conditions. 

The health benefits of bariatric surgery include:

  • Long-term remission of type-2 diabetes
  • The decreased risk of coronary heart diseases
  • Relief from depression
  • Reduced stress on the weight-bearing joints

As obesity in seniors is increasing at an alarming rate, bariatric surgery shouldn’t be overlooked. It can be just as safe as any other medical procedure, so for those concerned about their weight, now could be the time to choose a facility with extensive experience in performing weight loss procedures.

Weight Loss Surgery In Tijuana

Bariatric Surgeon | Gabriela Rodriguez, MD, FACS

At VIDA Bariatrics, our team of experts has the experience necessary to perform elderly bariatric surgery, so if you’re over 65, consider the benefits to your health. If your diet hasn’t worked for you, and if exercise is difficult, it might be that bariatric surgery is right for you. Your quality of life will be improved, as you will benefit from increased mobility, the reduced risk of health conditions such as chronic pain, osteoarthritis, and diabetes, and you could potentially increase your lifespan.

Bariatric surgery in Tijuana comprises a variety of surgical procedures. The most common are:

Gastric Sleeve

Gastric Plication

Gastric Bypass

Mini Gastric Bypass

Duodenal Stitch

Revision Surgery

Want to speak with one of our Medical Doctors? Schedule a 100% Free. Bariatric Virtual Consultation here, and we will advise you on whether weight loss surgery is the right treatment for your particular situation. As we have discussed, there is a range of benefits for older patients in need of a weight loss solution, so do get in touch with us today. 

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Dr. Gabriela Rodriguez specializes in General and Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery. She brings to VIDA Wellness and Beauty a wealth of experience in bariatrics. Dr. Rodriguez is a founding associate of the Mexican College of General Surgeons. A world-class bariatric surgeon with double certification in the US and Mexico.